Mic not working in game - No fix possible?

Hi, i am using an xlr mic and Equalizer Apo to get very good microphone audio, my mic works in every game/software except tower unite. My sound drivers are the generic realtek ones. I have set the correct default audio device in windows settings and can hear myself through the steam voice settings clear as day. I’m guessing there is some severe problem with tower unites sound system, is there anything i can do to remedy fix this? have tried restarting, validating game etc.

I know that I cannot get sound from any app and TU–I have to choose one or the other. I can do TU and the internet simultaneously but that is where the line gets drawn. I cannot watch Netflix, use Discord, etc.–it is one or the other. I have the same generic drivers but I don’t use any fancy things.

wow, that’s a serious bug. do you know how to @ a moderator in this post or something? i’m willing to give any logs necessary to fix this, i can’t even talk with my friends in game because of this.

You’ve posted in support. I know it’s a known issue but I don’t know how it can be resolved. They were posting about it in Reddit RE the Discord issue, though.

Microphone input is handled through Steam. I’m not certain of your specific setup, but as long as it’s getting input from Steam the game will broadcast your voice when you use the push to talk button in-game.

This sounds unrelated to Tower and more so an issue with your audio drivers. You should be able to hear sound from every app while running Tower Unite. Our developers are able to, as with many other people who play Tower. I’d suggest reinstalling your audio drivers, or running windows troubleshooting on them.