Merge with gmt still not working

As ive seen from the past posts, the site hasnt worked for 2 months. any updates or do i refund the game?

We are currently on break but we expect to have the website up and running by next week. Our host screwed us over and we have been migrating the website to a new host.

The GMT transfer is just a transfer of Units, so I’d just wait until it’s back up.

oh alright so all the stuff i previously owned in gmt is gone and ill only get the units back?

The GMT transfer was always only the price of the items converted into Units as some of the items don’t exist in TU or are a completely different price. For example the player model items don’t exist in TU, so you get the value of those items converted into Units.

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oh okay cool thanks!

any updates?

No updates at the moment.