Allow owners of condos to allow a media to play instantaneously set for atmosphere.

For example if someone was to join and I had set up a media to play an island atmosphere for my island themed condo the second they joined, they’d hear it.

I’ve also wanted this implemented but I understand it could potentially be abused.

Maybe make a button in the Q menu to turn off media? I think there is a pause button there already actually, but I don’t know if it’s meant to pause client-side or for everyone.

Also while we’re at it, it would probably help to make the media volume defaulted to half volume or something. 100% seems blaring loud to me and would be annoying to new players that don’t understand right away that you can press Q to change the volume.


Man they better not give me that kinda power, I’ll just play @Will’s Sockstar track in all my condos at full blast.

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I’d like to see this too. Everyone should be getting the same experience by default, players shouldn’t miss out on audio because they don’t know something is intended to be playing. Of course they can then choose to turn it off if they want.

I suggested a way to do it with media ranges. That way you can’t overload people’s internet or deafen them by trying to play 50 videos at once.