Media player lag

I don’t really mean this for the devs as much as tech help in general. In my theater of my resort condo, or basically anywhere with a media screen my fps drops exponentially. Even if there is no media playing it’s laggy. I lowered the media resolution down fairly low, and the rest of my condo runs fine, but it’s specifically when I enter the theatres, or get near monitors/tvs, I get half the frames.

I’ve toggled between many different video settings and can’t seem to narrow it down. I’m in the beta build, but had the problem without it as well. Is there something I can do to not have a decrease in framerate when coming near a turned off video screen?

have you tried turning off dynamic media lights

I have, and it did help, but i still start stuttering the second i turn the theatre corner. Lighting has been the setting that has made it more bearable but I still get performance issues. i was hoping to eliminate the stagger entirely.