[Maybe too difficult] Integrated Web Browser TV Media Player

This may be impossible but I was thinking the TV would be 1500% more used if the TV was an embedded web browser. Kind of like rabb.it but not necessarily with a visible mouse. But it would be capable of actually accessing websites and not only grab random YouTube streams.

This would allow for Netflix/Plex viewing in the condo. That would be killer.

The TV is already a web browser. It uses Steam’s web browser. Rabb.it actually works on it.

I think they’re asking for more support so it can be used as a browser (mouse/keyboard input)


Kind of yes.

Also, really? I couldn’t get rabb.it to load off of it. I’d mostly want it to use plex.tv with it. So we can have real movie nights.

How? I just get unsupported request all the time.

Never done it myself, so I’m not entirely sure but I’ve seen people do it. IIRC, I think a few people have talked about it on here because they’ve done movie nights.

Edit: here ya go.

Errr, doesn’t work for me. Maybe because of the new update?Untitled|690x388