Is it possible to add a netflix extension to the projectors? I know its complicated because you have to log into netflix, but is it possible to add a system to allow the login ect?

this already works if you use and stream your netflix account

Thanks Outttttty daddy i was wondering this 2

oh? does it work well? ( just tried and you have to log in to view the website and you cant do that on the projector,)

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you have to sign into in your steam web browser in order to get it working for you on tv’s. you have to remind everyone watching in your condo to do the same, but it works nonetheless.


Is there any tutorial for that? Like a YT video.

Legally we aren’t allowed to add Netflix support as part of Netflix’s TOS.


Awh lame :[

Bummer. Would it be possible to rework the media player into something akin to That’d be pretty awesome is a service hosting a VM with a webbrowser and streaming it to you, I doubt PixelTail have the servers for that.

We also can’t use

Oh yeah, I know that. That’s why I said something like

I mean, Anarchy Arcade did it and that game is made by one guy.

From the Steam description, it sounds like Anarchy Arcade makes the player the host, not a VM on a server. That’d be more like

This is also not the sole thing our game is.

Ah, ok. Wasn’t sure about how the backend worked. Just know its kinda similar to

Good point. I’m just desperate to think of some kind of alternative because something like this would be amazing to have and would take media players to the next level.

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