Materials for all Canvases!

Many of the canvas shapes are beloved, due to their utility and versatility. Who could make a condo without the magnificent canvas primitives? But there are some customizable items that deserve something special.

You see, canvas primitives such as the canvas cube, and the canvas sphere, can be modified to use in-game textures. But there are many which do not have support for this function.

Some examples of these forbidden canvases include:
Canvas Mouse Pad
Body Pillow
Canvas Flags
Canvas Rugs

All of these canvases have potential to be used in creative ways as a tool in the canvas tool belt, however they are crippled by their lack of material choice. Why can’t I just use an in-game carpet texture for my floor rug? The canvas mouse pad when scaled up can look like freshly laid snow, but would look out of place unless I used the existing snow texture. The Body Pillow can be used to make… pillows. Flags could be used to make cloth blowing in the wind (now that I think of it, it would be awesome to hide flag poles too! And make transparent png flags!).

I just don’t think it’s worth it to have to scour for some stock image of a material that already exists in the game, and have to make players download it, too.

Justice for the unloved canvases!

I might not be reading your post right so if I am mis-reading please let me know. You can already use in game textures on at least some of the items (not rugs for some reason) but I do agree about other ways to alter them being available

They’re saying they want the in-game material selection on every Canvas item instead of just some of them.

i made this suggestion quite a while ago, but i still wanna see it so badly!!! so many items could greatly benefit from having this… ;;

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This would be pretty great if it comes out, we have the rug canvas but yet we need to insert a URL even though there are carpet textures already in the game.

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