Option to Put Default Textures on Every Canvas Item

it’s a small thing, but i’ve wanted for a while now the option to put default textures (the kind that you can put on canvas cubes, etc on every single canvas item & not just primitives

my main reason for wanting this is bc i’ve been wanting to make a “one-way mirror” with a canvas rug or canvas doormat (since they don’t draw on the bottom), but my attempts have been futile since you’re forced to use url textures

as someone who doesn’t like using url textures often i’ve also been wanting to have those shaped rugs w/o using multiple canvas primitives while also using the default carpet textures

below is a list of canvas items that do not support default textures

Canvas Items

Canvas Sign
Canvas Floor Sign
Canvas Blade Flag
Canvas Wall Sign
Canvas Glass Billboard
Canvas Reception Desk
Canvas Theatre Frame
Canvas Oval Rug
Canvas Horizontal Flag
Canvas Veritcal Flag
Canvas Flag Banister
Canvas Hanging Flag
Canvas (in fairness it’s identical to the canvas cube apart from being able to change the shape/type but being able to make any texture semi-transparent or have a screen filter would be huge)
Canvas Circle Rug
Canvas Doormat
Canvas Hanging Sign
Canvas Present
Canvas Rug
Canvas Statue
Canvas Teleporter
Vinyl Record Canvas

i’m definitely missing a few items that aren’t specifically “canvas” items but have canvas functionality (soda machine, etc) but i couldn’t bother myself searching for those items specifically

some items would definitely benefit from having default canvas functionality, some … not so much but i feel like having the option would be huge for players that know how to properly use them , as i stated in the list having functionality for the “canvas” item would allow players to make every single texture semi-transparent or give textures screen effects, along with the fact that you could warp them with the poster type as well

despite being seemingly a small & insignificant change, i think this could seriously give more use/benefit to a bunch of items for players that could use them in a creative manner