March/April 2024 Condo Contest (Cozy)

Hey everyone!

The theme of this month’s contest is Cozy!

So, make a cozy Condo - something chill, relaxing, or comforting! This could be any kind of space, so long as it captures that cozy feeling!

:information_source: Your submission can be a regular Condo or a Workshop Game World Map.

The submission period ends on April 18th, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Be sure to look at the prizes and follow the rules below!

:mega: Prizes:

  • 1st Place - 2,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 750,000 Units
  • 4th Place - 500,000 Units
  • 5th Place - 300,000 Units
More Info
  • Participation prizes (100k) are usually rewarded to participants, along with other bonuses for close contenders
  • Depending on the amount of entries, prize amounts may be raised and placements may be adjusted

:mega: Rules:

  • Must be appropriate content (no hate speech, nudity, etc.)
  • Only make 1 submission post
  • You can update your post until the deadline
  • The submission cannot be something previously submitted to a Condo Contest.
  • The first place winner(s) of the last Condo Contest won’t be included in the vote, but they are eligible for the participation prize
  • If a Condo you have submitted to a previous contest has been significantly altered, decorated, redecorated to fit the theme, or has an addition that is the main focus of your images, that is allowed.

:inbox_tray: How To Submit:

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo or Game World Map as a reply to this thread.

If you can’t upload images here, use an external image hosting service such as Imgur to embed the images.

  • Include your Steam ID or a link to your Steam profile

  • If you want a specific picture to be the thumbnail in the community vote, label it as the featured picture

  • If you are submitting a co-op entry, please say that somewhere in your post

More Info
  • If you upload your submission to the Steam Workshop, you can include a link to that in your post

:inbox_tray: Co-Op Submissions:

Info on Co-Op Submissions
  • For co-op builds, only one person should submit the entry, include all participants’ Steam IDs, and mention its a co-op build. Winnings will be divided equally and may be adjusted.

  • If people want to submit different parts of a co-op build as individual entries, the areas should be distinct from one another, there shouldn’t be pictures of the same things in multiple posts, and the post should only include one Steam ID.

:incoming_envelope: Voting & Results

After the deadline has passed, the submissions are judged by community voting.

I will post a link to the community vote form in a reply to this thread and in dev-updates on the TU Discord.

I will post the winner announcement in the same places.

Have fun, and if you need help with anything related to the contest, feel free to send me a private message or ask in the thread!


Loft Tower Resort, very big map (still not finished, but here’s what we have done so far)



https:/Steam profile

Hello! Here is my take on a mixture of cozy and rustic condo plus extra rooms that I made within the condo. I still plan on adding on more tiny details and deco to add an extra cozy and welcoming feel but this is the finished product (so far) :blush::face_holding_back_tears:


(Feature Image)



Living Space:

Backyard parking + Pool + Beach side

Bonus: Extra Cabin room

Thanks guys! :sunglasses:


lofi hangout and chill by furryfemboiwannabe



This is my take on a cozy mini house that can set the mood in a mere instant using SPACE TECHNOLOGY! A bright sunny morning to hang out with friends, or a nice comfy night next to the campfire, not to mention the small and comfortable interior! This will be uploaded as an enterable condo soon!


Hello! Everything in these screenshots are raw, using only the lighting tools provided by the game! I love working with a night-time setting and playing with lights!

Featured picture

I’m a big Mirror’s Edge fan, so I have a couple rooms in the same condo as well very much inspired by Mirror’s Edge’s artstyle!


A little piece of tranquility amongst the chaos.

I highly recommend checking it out on the workshop, pictures never do me justice :upside_down_face:
Taking advantage of movers there are a few interactive items - Faucets, A Roomba, Submarine outside, Food tube etc

Theres also a small prop hunt and a UI interface with a toggle night mode button.

Steam - Steam Community :: Cat


Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Pic 3:




Y2K Cozy Nostalgia Basement (My April Condo Contest submission)

Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: STINKO

Steam ID: 76561198066753344




Puny’s Cozy Condo

Steam ID: Steam Community :: Punydan


Workshop Link: Steam Workshop::Puny's Cozy Condo


Featured Picture:

A small natural home inside a deep forest grove. The exterior is hyper-detailed, and the interior has quite some love too. It weighs in at around 10'500 ish total items and canvas.

It is quite a bit smaller then i am used to,
but instead i try to go insane with the nature details and decoration this time.

To get a closer look, it is also uploaded to workshop:

/Ellis <3


Steam Profile: Steam Community :: GoopGoop

Domicile De L’Excentrique

“The cozy apartment of a Parisian woman who’s just a tad eccentric.”

This condo was inspired by the 2001 French film “Amélie”. It is vaguely inspired by the main character’s apartment, but is by no means a reproduction.


Please note that this condo uses ZERO workshop items, every piece of furniture, all architecture, and various props are either in-game items, or made with in-game items. Do note that there is quite a bit of canvas data, which is used for paintings and decals.

Also, the screenshots do not do this condo justice, I will try to host it as much as I can during the voting period! You are welcome to visit!

The apartment’s stairwell:

Apartment Entrance:


Living Room:

(featured image below)

Toilet Room:



Thank you to everyone who supported me during the building of this.
Good luck everyone! Keep building!



Cabin in the Mountains

Cozy Cabin in the Mountains beside a Lake.

Caleegi - Steam Community :: Caleegi (Owner, built cabin and decorated inside)
Han - Steam Community :: han (made the scenery)

Featured Picture

Rest of Pictures


My 7-11 store condo
some might ask how is this even cozy,well i love sitting in the store front chilling or staying in the apartment overseeing it,
makes me relaxed and warm


whats the name of the green couch in the workshop?