[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

Phantom Chairs In Casino Poker room

Steps to Reproduce

Walk towards the poker signs in casino then you will see a sit option, where there should be a couch model or sofa. or nothing if intended.

What I expected to happen

Either for a sofa to be located here, or not a sit option.

What happened

Siting in the air like there’s a chair.

[Very Bright World Maps]

Cant see the map very well as the contrast is to bright unsure if intended or an oversight but the contras could be less bright.

[Water Particles on Beach]

Seems there is some particles on part of the beach that shouldn’t be there an just looks out of place when you jump in this area.

No Collision with Vehicular Orb

turns out the Orb you unlock from ball race, lacks collisions with the center plaza fountain and stares causing you to fall out of the map.

[Floating Rocks around Lighthouse]

Seems like a few of the rocks around the cliff side of the map are not conected to the ground so you can see the underside of some rocks.

[Brick Wall Texture Seam]

behind the game hub building there is a brick wall with a misaligned texture seam making it not conect with the bricks.

[Floating pillars Poseidon Rollercoaster]

seems it was a rush placement an didn’t have time to edit the terrain to make it not look like it was connected to the ground.

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Johanna please I beg of you please fix this so it can stop being reported every month and a half


The Oasis lounge has some floating buttons and the hula doll doesn’t shake

The Offering is currently bugged/glitched and will not let you gain the achievement

This achievement has been bugged for atleast a week, as far as I’m aware, as I’ve been trying to get it and no matter how many times I’d get 25 rings, it wouldn’t show the achievement. Restarting the game and/or Steam did not help/fix the problem.

very noticeable lod changes in the dev hq

noticeable lod changes on top of the arcade

tower theaters and condo diy cube map preview thing unloads prematurely, allowing you to see inside the station

out of bounds near poseidon

monorail connection parts have no collision

there’s some noticeable seams in the arcade, allowing you to get out of bounds

the island off in the distance from the tower has inaccurate collision

zooming and then unzooming will cause the binoculars to not zoom until manually zoomed again

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The blue line from the monorail next station sign is overlapping the blue dot (location of the monorail station)

I found a floating block in the Arcade (version in the air hockey room to the left of the Planetary Piano machines. Kind of looks like a ticket printer.

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The ferris wheel is a bit broken. The cars decided to one-by-one rotate the wrong way and this was the end result.

The signs above the East Stores has Vroomspeed listed a second time in place of Songbirds. This is only true for the signs facing the plaza - the signs facing the minigame area are correct.

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I think this is new because it seems like something I’d’ve noticed before-

The lights have kinda wonky LODs. The light I don’t think was supposed to be on yet but the further away LOD made it look on, and also the sign wave effect and Tower logo texture weren’t showing.

Farther away LOD

Close (how I’d expect)

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This is fixed in the next update.

Z-fighting on the ground and grass/foliage around the fountain

On the side closer to the tower the iron bars are a lot closer to the edge on the east side. Sorta clips a bit weird.

Also, in regards to the water not being red–it did appear to be red when I was in the plaza as Halloween was activated. So I don’t know if that’s a it-getting-overwritten after you rejoin thing or what but ik the lack of it has been reported, so it is interesting to see that it does still work sorta.


White plane in front of Splash Blasterz, moving like foliage. Only visible from a distance.



THe flimsy beach chair isn’t available in the sweet suite furnishing where it is supossed to be acording to the wiki

I think at some point that item was moved to Oasis. The wiki is fan-made and only maintained by 1 person (me) currently so sometimes changes like that get missed/forgotten (in this case I didn’t even know the item changed stores until now), sorry about that


no problem keep up the good work i use the wiki to search for certain things thx for keeping the good work up

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The entire plaza (during the day) seems to have this weird yellow color cast applied. Shadows also seem to be a lot darker than intended.


In There is a open wall that gets you out of bounds

Here is some images.


Fix this bug please.