[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

The lighting on the south wall of Songbirds changes as you get right up next to it.

Summary of bug here.
Found a small hole that allows players to go under the map

Steps to Reproduce

At first I thought i did something on my jetpack that made me accidentally clip through the wall, then tried flying around seeing if i could replicate it

What I expected to happen

To leave and go to the monorail

What happened

Well it turns out there is a small patch, in the corner of this building next to the secret “do not push the button room” Pictures can be found below of where it exactly is, so you guys can hopefully get a patch out so others do not exploit this

Notes / Media

Where the small hole is: https://i.imgur.com/lNuHhTM.jpeg

If you go in the grass next to the curved corner behind the gameworld ports, you’ll fall through. You may need to be smaller than normal size, though.

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I noticed the bowling pins (part of the decoration) from the exterior of the Bowling to be viewed low poly from a close distance, a bit far away.



I took a screenshot of this bug in the while when cursor is clipping (or whatever ) on the player model while looking the Plaza Map.

And here’s the other one I took today.

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