[Map Bug Megathread] The Plaza / Lobby

I did make a bug report on the invisible water splash at the beach as well, but no one has ever fix this one yet.

Some lights on the arcade go through it and float in the air

Also- the snowman light has some z-fighting, didn’t notice this on any of the other standing light displays

idk how easy is it to tell from a still screenshot, but the lightrays caused by the volumetric fog seem to not be getting blocked by the windows of the Tower

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In Sweet Suite Furnishings, these chairs cannot be sat in:

But there is a seat behind the TV:

and also behind the backing wall:

I can only assume that they’re something like a hidden seat and they are placed incorrectly.

There is a Christmas tree on a photo shoot spot that prevent using it.

[] Top left corner of archway between Trivia room and Arcade is missing collision and you can fall underneath map.

Apparently during the “Treasure from the sea” event it is possible for treasure to spawn too far down to see or interact with. None of the treasure I came across when this happened was close enough to the surface to interact with. Unsure if related, but I had just exited the Arcade within maybe 30 seconds of the event starting.


I was about asking the same thing, you can dig up a treasure from the sea when your PM is taller. I went with a small PM to get it.

In the second pic I used a tiny potion (-3x) and still could not pick up that one, which started about 80cm from the ground. Lowest one I saw was about 180cm deep when crouching.

If you drive an RC boat under the bridge that connects the train station to the minigame arena, the vehicle sounds will go mute.

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Treasure generated at a depth of 275 CMs, rendering it unobtainable.
And I was already having a bad day.

Update: This bug seemed to occur when exiting the nightclub

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I will never forget this invisible splash zone at the beach shore near the pool.
And it hasn’t patched here since the last update (not the Libretro stuff).

When using the full-size ball race ball in the plaza, certain parts of the terrain don’t collide with it. I haven’t tested the issue too much, but I have determined that this includes the central fountain and the steps surrounding it, as well as the world border (I went through it into the void in the last picture there):

Another player managed to do this as well, it can easily be done on accident really.

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The ghost of Christmas past has haunted these two trees near the pool:

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This also happens when I use the golf ball RC item, when at the fountain instead of bouncing off or ramping up the stairs it clips through them and falls under the world

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If you line up your fall just right in the pit in Trivia hallway, you can anti-AFK there.

I left it running for several minutes earlier and never got marked as AFK.

Sorry for the double post, I can’t seem to edit pending posts for some reason

This ticket machine in the arcade has really nasty material pop-in, even on ultra settings: https://imgur.com/a/BbYH1I8

Map seems a little offset. Dunno if this was an issue before the plaza update. You can see that, on the map, I am standing in the ocean, even though I am actually standing near the Ferris wheel.

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It seems like it’s possible for holiday items (Christmas Presents, Halloween Buckets, etc.) to spawn inside this table in the Toy Store. I had a Christmas Present spawn in there and was only able to see and collect it because the edges of the present were just sticking out. If it was anything smaller, like an egg, I doubt I’d have been able to collect it at all.
Didn’t think to take a photo until right after I collected it unfortunately, but I’m looking right at where it was.

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I’ll start removing bugs that are fixed for next update, so if your post was deleted that means the bug was fixed.


There appears to be some invisible chairs near the back of the Poker room in the Casino.

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