Manual Loading of stores


Like how we load the casino manual to enter, would be nice for all stores, because of the way it is now that it auto loads in proximity this causes lag when navigating the plaza, Going up to each store and pressing E is way more quality of life than the cancer of trying to fly by the shops lol


But then it would take ages to get into the shops you want? Also it only lags if you actually try and go near the shops on purpose, going around the plaza normally doesen’t load in the shops.


it would take as long as it lags for to load the store? you load the store everytime you walk by it so whats the differnce from pressing a button, like you do already for the casino, which takes 30 secs to load into…lol if you want to go from the tower to bowling the lag is crazy and its because its trying to load the stores…


You don’t really manually load the casino at all, it loads in because the inside of the casino is located over here far outside of viewing range:

Same with the minigame building and the snowball arena.


To be honest, players would go to the stores less likely if this idea was implemented and probably stop going there because they don’t want to have to wait ages before actually being allowed in. Noone likes to waste time waiting.


…You waste time loading the stores you dont want to go into everytime you walk by them…the ammount of time the lag takes to walk by one is the ammount of time it would take to load it pressing a button…come on think…


Half the time, it doesen’t even lag much unless, as i stated before, you intentionally go past the shops to make sure you lag.
This forum isn’t for flame wars, by the way… :fire:


We hate loading screens in Plaza and want to avoid them as much as possible. The Casino is an exception and we really don’t want to keep adding more of things like that to the Plaza. It creates a divide. It works well for the Casino because it’s indoors, but the stores are not indoor. I personally would hate having to load into a store just to buy a thing.


im not suggesting loading screens. im Suggesting that i walk up to the store and press E and it loads the contents in the store like it does when i walk up to it in proximity. Becuase right now you have to reload the store multiple times, constantly every time you walk by it, which causes lag. So which is better? walking to a store pressing E then it loads the contents or re loading the store over and over and over and over and over when flying around


It’s all proximity based, there is no loading in the plaza that you have to manually initiate by activating a door.


the casino is manual, and how bowling loads is how everything should, it doesn’t start loading until i walk up to the door


Alright, ill bite.

How the Render (view distance) works:

As you can see items and objects de-renders as they move out of the selected view distance in the graphics settings.

Entering the casino:

Location of the casino:

Notice you you dont see the portal in the game world area or the icebergs around the tower area, or even the tower itself while you can see some of the stuff on top of it like the blackboard.
This is because we are way outside of the view distance of these objects.

Location of the game world area:

Entering and leaving the game world area:

As you can see you lag a little since it has to render objects in the plaza that was de-rendered due to the location of the game world area, and vice-versa.

Like i said before: it’s proximity based, it renders stuff in whatever range you have set the view distance to be, if you could noclip to the casino the exact same thing would happen as when you press e on the door to the casino building, so again, you dont manually load the casino.

Also if you would be so kind as to explain this bit:

So, based on your previous statement, you don’t want the stores to load when you walk up to them because it causes alot of lag on your end, but you want them to load when you walk up to them.
Im sorry but i really don’t think im following you.


What @Denka is saying sounds perfectly clear to me. What he wants is for the proximity range to be right at the doors of these buildings, rather than the radius outwards they currently have. When going to bowling, Celebrations usually loads up just because it’s on the way, and this causes some lag spikes even if you don’t want to enter Celebrations. Denka’s idea was that you would have to go right up to Celebrations and press E on it to make it render (though personally, I think it’d be enough to just make them render at a smaller distance).


The stores don’t reload each time. They load once and then stop rendering when needed. This is a common practice with games. You stop rendering things you aren’t near as much as you can. When you are near again, it is simply just rendering the stores again, not loading them again.


Oh ya i almost forgot, in regards to what Denka said.

To be quite honest it seems like bowling doesn’t have a render trigger that only covers in front of the door.


Thank you for the videos they clearly show the problem. Notice how when you get to theater and bowling alley the load circle doesn’t start until you reach the door, however the shops loading circle started halfway before you got to the door, this is the problem, this is causing the lag traveling by.


We start loading earlier so it loads by the time you reach the door.


And yet again,

The bowling building loaded without showing the loading icon, the arcade and the theater does the exact same thing if you arent quick enough to get close to them because apparently the loading icon will only show right at the door even though the loading and rendering of said building will start before you even get close to the door.


I get what OP’s trying to say though. The game freezes for a bit when you go near nonloaded/nonrendered stores. That’s not a problem with the arcade/bowling/whatever, since those areas begin loading/rendering when you open their doors and try to go through. Having an optional setting to make the stores work the same way would be pretty sweet, especially if you don’t care about their interiors being visible each time you simply pass by.