Manual Loading of stores


Alright, I was wrong.
But the point still stands, for the most part. Having an option to load/render these only when manually requested would be cool. So would be decreasing the “rendering/loading radius”.


Well you could argue that the area trigger for say bowling is so close to the door that you practically have to go up to the door for it to load, incidentally that is why people might think you need to enter the bowling area for it to load, it was certainly my first impression with the arcade back when i first got the game.

Anyway i decided to look around in the game files and see if there was a way to further reduce the render size for objects, entities or areas incase the devs didnt wanna change it.
Sadly i found nothing of interest unless you wanna stop the NPC stores from talking to you while entering their store or passing by them. Or change how large your game resolution is, which you might as well just change in the graphics tab.


Just a suggestion, doesn’t matter how it gets fixed or even if it does, i love the game regardless, but new players might be turned off by the strange loading/lag and so i suggested this be looked at in some sort of way.