Make an "opted out" label for servers instead of forcing opting in for everyone

So it’s been said that soon opting out of PixelTail ban system won’t be available to anyone.
Instead of forcing everyone’s servers to kick banned by PixelTail people, I would like to just have a small icon in server lists which would mark servers which are opted out of PixelTail banlist. These servers could also be hidden by default. This way, no person who just chooses to trust PixelTail moderation will get hurt. And people who will want to possibly meet banned players on those servers, would have their own right to choose that.


  1. People who get banned are banned for a good reason, why would you want them to play?
    Good and bad are subjective definitions. They’re not entirely different for every person, and that’s why society has common rules people want to have and support.
    But this is about hosting your own server, which people, who don’t want to see banned players, simply wouldn’t visit. So you’ve got to have your own choice whether you agree on banned people being bad or not - the majority of players who don’t want to meet those are safe.
    Not having your own choice to decide who you yourself can talk to (in cases when it wouldn’t harm others who choose to let PixelTail banlist do the work) feels like attempt to control your personal space, which is why it feels wrong.
  2. Why would developers spend time to favor banned players doing this? It’s simly not worth of it
    They’re spending a bit of effort on a new change anyway. But if instead of forcing opting in for everyone it would be the labels marking opted out servers in the server lists, it’ll be more correct thing to do, because it will bring more people to do what they want without causing any harm for anyone.
  3. Banned people shouldn’t be able to just roam around/join my servers
    They can’t already. They can’t visit Plaza servers, and they can’t visit anyone’s hosted servers (condo/gameworlds) if their hosts didn’t opt out of PixelTail banlist, which is on by default. The only risk right now is to join a server which is opted out of that banlist without knowng that and stumble at banned players there, and that’s why I mentioned those servers should just be marked as opted out.
  4. I still want banned people out of the game, I don’t like them playing out there
    Banned people can only join your server if you opt out of PixelTail banlist, and you won’t see them if you don’t join servers which are labeled as opted out. In this case, they can’t cause any harm to you; then why would you want to remove them? If both them and you live calmly, not raising any conflicts, everyone’s happy, as the servers banned people create or visit are just same gameworlds or condo and you don’t miss out on anything by just not going to there. So wanting them getting removed from there even when things are this way feels like you want to control terriotiry which is not your personal one - and is that really a right thing to decide for others what’s right and what’s wrong?
  5. So you wanna tell racist/sexist/etc people are good?
    First of all phrases like this feel like aiming to simply put me into the circle of “bad” people by principle “if you don’t want bad people to be punished then you support them”, but even if it’s not, here’s my answer:
    I support what is needed to ensure people are safe as long as they want to let others protect them.
    But if opting out possiblity will be removed, even people who don’t want others (like TU’s moderators) to protect them from psychological harm, will be forced to accept their protection.
    I want to be able to decide for myself whether I don’t want to see banned players (again - in space I choose to host and which people won’t visit if they don’t want to when they see “opted out” label in the servers list), and I feel like taking that choice away in favor to decisions of other people is not right. Why can’t people who choose to give others a chance have that choice, if it’s not gonna harm anyone?

if someone is chat muted by a moderator for saying racial slurs i think it’s absolutely their right to decide what’s right and wrong lmao


your server, opted out warning, noone’s harmed
Moderation should only exist to ensure safety of others, so if noone’s gonna get harmed then why?

if you want to give these people second chances you’re free to do so but it’s safer not to let people create condos where players banned for discriminating against others are welcome to join - i don’t think it’s that strange of a concept


just don’t join opted out condos?

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People get banned for a reason. If they get banned then tough luck for them, they’re the ones who screwed up by making bad choices. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t want anyone who is banned in my condo. Everyone is banned for a reason. I don’t want a racist or a potential predator/creep in my condo.

It is a big safety precaution and I am fine with whatever they do. Our safety is/should be important to them.
Do you have a friend or something who is banned? Is that why you want this? Not trying to start a “war” or whatever, just wondering.


please read everything I wrote in the FAQ. It has answers to your literal words.
I made it specifically to stop this thread from being filled with same questions and answers

This is ridiculous. If it is to be opt in/out, that removes the point of the ban in the first place! As well as this, making it non-option protects users from certain members which are banned for more heinous deeds than just saying slurs or something. It is never a good idea for a game to allow bad actors to freely roam their game, that only brings in bad juju. Oh also, are you friends with anyone who’s banned perhaps?


Read FAQ pt 3 please

Are you friends with anyone who’s banned?


Do you have a friend that just happens to be banned?


if you want to hang out with your banned friends just do it outside of tower unite - they’re banned for a reason and they aren’t welcome in the community


“You’re just friends with someone who’s banned, so all your words are invalidated”
No, it does not invalidate anyhow the point about safety of players who don’t disable PixelTail banlist system and players who want to disable it getting what they want, so please don’t try to put it that way

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it does


The only reason your even making this thread is cause you can’t talk to your friend anymore. I have an idea, it’s called Discord.

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As far as I understand, the main point of moderation is safety of others. If it remains, what exactly is wrong?

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prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

[Definitions from Oxford Languages]


Exactly. I don’t know why you’re proposing this then.


Allowing banned players to talk in game at all is a safety concern for members.


your server, opted out warning, noone’s harmed