Major in game stuttering/rubberbanding

Update: With the release of version 0.14.6 all of my previous issues have been resolved completely, regardless of network adapter. Huge shout out again to the devs for their hard work.

Hi and thank you,

Pretty much everywhere, I am constantly stuttering and lagging unlike any other game. My character teleports around and I’m in no control of where I go whatsoever. I am slightly worried while making this post that it might be my internet connection, but I get speeds of 250Mbps and I haven’t had issues like this with other titles.

Some days are much better than others, which leads me to believe this is a server side issue and not a client side issue. I have talked to players in games and lobbies and it seems like other people are experiencing the same issue as I am; the game runs fine but their characters teleport all over the place.

  • My computer runs the game fine, I get 100+ fps (GTX1060, i7-7700K, 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz, M.2 SSD)
  • My ping is always low, hovering around 30-40 ms.
  • I’ve tried making my game fullscreen instead of borderless or windowed.
  • I’ve tried turning down all of the graphics settings
  • I’ve made exceptions on the windows firewall for the game
  • I’ve turned off both canvases and workshop content, as well as voice communication
  • I’m not using speed shoes
  • I don’t have any size potions.
  • I have used game settings like -nosound, -noipx, -notexturestreaming etc

I have a feeling this might be related to the recent steam issues, but I decided to make this post here after my google searches only returned me forum posts from 2019 or 2020. I’m also including a clip of me in the plaza to showcase the issue, but unfortunately i can’t upload directly because I am a “new user.”


What time do you typically play on?


Usually anywhere from 3:30PM to 3AM CST. I’m having the issue regardless of server, I’m located in the chicagoland area and have tried US East, West, and even EU servers to no avail.

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Based on those times I’m thinking it’s server side and I’ll look over the server logs and see what we can improve in the next hot fix.


Thanks for everything Mac, I really love this game so thank you and the team for everything you do!

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Well, I’m sorry for doing this to everyone.

I found an old powerline ethernet adapter and plugged it into my computer, and the lag is gone completely.

Here’s the crazy thing:
*My wifi adapter can get speeds of 250+ Mbps.
*My powerline ethernet only gets speeds around 20 Mbps.

But even with the slower connection all of my rubberbanding issues have dissappeared. Must be something regarding the network driver or maybe just latency with a wireless adapter.

Anyways, thanks again for the help Mac. Ill mark this reply as the solution in case anyone else tries looking up the issue.

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Based on my own experience, it’s definitely the wifi adapter, not the drivers. Had the exact same thing (down to switching to powerline) happen several years ago.


Wireless communications are inherently more unreliable than wired ones.

Signed: a WiFi user.

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That’s good to hear it improved!

I still will be adjusting netcode for Plaza, I plan to move bowling to a better place netcode wise using techniques I learned from Arcade.