Macro questions


the topic of using macros in TU has been brought up a fair few times, and all ive gathered is that they shouldn’t be used in casino, or just, in general dont use it to get an advantage in a gamemode. which makes sense, but with the recent achievements, it begs the question of if macroing is allowed in plaza to get them? (jumping jack rabbit, long walk- even people making macros to avoid going afk for exp)

so that’s my question to the devs! where is macroing allowed, if anywhere at all?

and to everyone else, do you think macroing should be allowed as long as it isn’t used to get an advantage? i think macroing for achievements and exp shouldn’t be seen as the only thing you can do to get them, personally- but thats just how people operate with big goals.


I think macros should only be usable in Condos since you don’t get money there, but people could also farm Condo xp which currently doesn’t give anything


You’re fine using macros in condos, but this is only because condos aren’t moderated. Anywhere else they’re banned iirc.


Macros in aren’t allowed in TU as stated by the Tower Unite EULA (End User License Agreement)
CTRL + F, Search for: automation software (bots and/or autoclickers);

It has been stated a few times times that using macros is against the rules:

So it seems that using macros is not allowed anywhere on the servers that are run by Pixeltail.
(However macdguy has said that in his opinion he doesn’t have a problem with people using piano macros in the player condos:)

Some people have apparently already been caught and punished for using macros

Personally i don’t care if you are using macros and what that macro does as long as it isn’t being used to impact gameplay by say using it to grind achievements, grind for cash, give you an unfair advantage against other players who are playing without macros. or spamming the chat with random messages.


Thanks for the answer, a lot of the people on the discord weren’t sure, so i had assumed it wasn’t asked before- i should’ve searched beforehand, but thank you for this!