Lower Wowozela to 2 mil?

I don’t find it strange at all. And I am not alone with this thought, judging by the amount of votes on this suggestion and the amount of likes on replies supportive of it.

From what I can see, most of the people that disagree with this are either players who have grinded for it and don’t want their efforts nullified or people who have not even attempted to grind for it. As I’ve been saying, the Wowozela is part of a bigger problem that this game has with locking a couple rewards behind hours of grinding.

I am no stranger to the concept of long-term goals to keep players engaged with the game, but excessively overpriced and time-consuming rewards are not the way to go.

Is it really necessary to own a Wowozela? Nah. But when cool rewards like this exist and the only way to earn them is through mashing a singular button for hours at a time, your game is flawed.


I’ve read through the discussion, and I completely agree with the topic’s premise. Hell, even 2 mil is too much, even with the most recent arcade games it still feels like a not fun time to grind even for the lower tier arcade items which cost hundreds of times less, let alone the wowozela. I’d be totally fine if for the same cost the shop offered some kind of a not that much useful but very visible item, like a golden tophat or something. Something that still screams “I’ve spent hundreds of hours on Arcade and all i’ve got was this item”, but isn’t really useful.

Wowozela is both useful and “I’ve wasted a lot of time” item, which just makes the premise of actually using wowozela in the end unrewarding. Like yeah, you’ve spent so much time on it, was it worth it? With a silly hat you know from the beginning that all you’re going for is silly hat, so your expectations are already quite low. Ratio of usefulness to the price to pay (in both tickets and raw time) is just way too bad.

I don’t know, to me 500k is already bad enough, let alone 2.5 mil.

edit: Also, to add to the royal flush comment, Royal flush is just sit in one place and press space a lot of times. Been there, done that. Most of the arcade games also require you to actually concentrate on the game, which makes it WAY more difficult to grind. Compare 17 hours that i’ve spent grinding videopoker machine (of course, varies depending on if you’re lucky or not, that’s how much i spent) to hundreds of hours of putting actual mental effort into something.


As said a hundred times before:
it’s locked behind that grind for a reason.

Yes there’s some extreme grinds, but that’s their purpose. Sometime it’s to prevent a dangerous item from getting into trolls hands, other times it’s because the item is highly sought after. You don’t get the Speed Boat (which is currently worthless anyways, but has high potential) from catching two fish. Screamy Bois are extremely rare for a reason.

Also the Wowozela is extremely expensive as a joke. You go to an arcade and they have something like a neon sign or industrial meat cutter for an absurd amount of tickets (because no one will ever get it). But in this Arcade you can actually obtain that crown jewel.


There is already easily accessible methods, like oversized workshop models, micspam and already existing noise items like confetti guns, which are equal, if not worse in terms of abusing the game to upset people. And just like with any other method, you just block them. There is absolutely no reason the 2.5 mil ceiling for the wowozela is a reasonable measure “to stop trolls”.

And to answer the joke comment: it’s way too useful to be a joke. There’s actual functionality that a lot of people want to use, but can’t. Again, I’d be fine if it was just a silly hat or something like that, but this is actually a usable item.


As said a hundred times before, the Wowozela has nothing on the various annoyances this game already has to offer, often for just a few units. This is such a non-issue I’m not even going to consider it.

If it really was supposed to be that “joke item” like in real life arcades, it would be actually unobtainable. Instead they slap a massive price on it that allows it to be in reach but requires an ungodly amount of grinding to obtain. If this is supposed to be a joke, it’s not very funny.

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as stated before, the grind is much less miserable due to the newer arcade machines and reworks to existing arcade machines that drastically increased the amount of tickets you get previously, the best arcade machine in my opinion (aside from super hoopers if you knew how to play well) was birde feeders, as you can get 600 tickets a game if you played well

now, machines like ice cave, the offering, avalanche, etc have been reworked to give out much higher payouts . ice cave for example only requires spamming e and clicking and occasionally aiming for 500 tickets a game . for avalanche you can get about a thousand , and for the offering i’ve managed to get up to 3k from one game (provided that you’re in the right spot)

not to mention the new arcade machines like the coin pushers giving out thousands of tickets per game with very , very minimal effort . i would also like to bring up double ticket weekends , playing during those times can get you crazy amounts of tickets (ESPECIALLY with the new machines and reworks!)

for example, having a double ticket weekend on something like the offering . i was averaging around 1,500 tickets during my playtime. if you get around 1,500 tickets per game, that’ll be 3,000 during the double ticket weekend . each offering game lasts 30 seconds, to get 2,500,000 tickets from a 3,000 payout , you’d need to play it ~850 times or so, which REALLY is not that bad

if each game lasts 30 seconds or less and you’d have to play 850 times (or less depending on how many tickets you get), you can get the wowozela in just under 7 hours of playtime. you can totally take breaks and do other stuff as the weekends run for 2 days and give you plenty of time. worst comes to worst and you don’t want to wait for a double ticket weekend, that’s MAYBE 14 hours of grinding.

you do not need to slave over the arcade and give your first born child to uncle muscle, you just need to know when to play and what to play . the wowozela is MUCH easier to grind for than before, with the new machines, reworks, double ticket weekends, etc which as said before gives even less of a reason to lower the wowozelas price


I think the best solution to this is just to make more wowozelas that are more easily available. This is already kind of happening eventually (there was a spooky wowozela planned for the 2020 halloween event that was cut but might come back later, and there’s also an upgraded version of the arcade wowozela planned as a cosmic catsack drop), but either way with more wowozelas to get, people who grind for the 2.5 million ticket wowozela keep theirs and anyone who doesn’t want to grind arcade games for it can have other options


just saying… the cosmic wowozela better have prima


I like that there’s super high priced clout items in the game. Gives passionate players something to shoot for and show off.


This a hundred times.
The time and effort needed to get 1k tickets has drastically gone down since Phase 1 dropped (which is when I got my Wowo). Yes, the Wowo is 2.5m but that 2.5 million is much easier to get now.
My friend didn’t start grinding for the prizes until a few weeks ago and he got the Moped in about an hour (something that took MUCH longer).

TL;DR: The prices have remained the same, but you get Tickets much quicker meaning everything in the store is worth less work.


Tbh I’d love it if the Wowozela had “cartridges”. I think the idea of Sound Packs was suggested long ago, but having one Wowo with interchangeable sounds instead of thirty would be great. I’d love unlocking Wowo expansions, especially if the Wowo menu was updated to include a favourites category.


“Bogos binted” wowo cartridge when?


If you get two of three of them in one spot it can get pretty annoying, cuz they got 𝓗𝓐𝓡𝓜𝓞𝓝𝓨.


The second highest arcade reward is 100K tickets, the wowozela is 25x more expensive, that should be reason enough.

Even if the devs reduce the price and use a script to refund players practically all of the top priced items will be purchasable because thats how much more the wowozela is.

Plus I’ve read that the devs want to add a wowozela to the cosmic pool, which would make the grind many times less worth it than it already is, since if you have pure luck you can get it in just a few catsacks instead of the weeks of farming it’ll take most normal folk.

Especially if the devs make the cosmic wowozela “enhanced” like their initial plan, which would make the arcade grind practically worthless.

It’s been a while though, the devs may have changed their minds.

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From what I see are the majority of people supporting the lowered price are the ones that don’t have it and want it without not doing the same amount of work. Not very surprising and really doesn’t mean much. Those of us who have it are really proving it’s not as crazy to obtain as it is being implied. I think you might make more progress getting it if you were in game rather than on forums constantly arguing about it being “insane” :woman_shrugging:.

Also just because people can be annoying with other tools, like the confetti gun, doesn’t mean we should make it easier to have more options to annoy others with.

I still stand by the fact that they already made it easier to get. Your original post was asking for a slight drop (500k) and I’d argue you got that easily thru increased payouts. Farming it now is absolutely easier than it was before and you are already benefitting over those of us who have grinded it at the start.


Keep in mind that it’s easier to get due to how unbalanced ticket payouts for Arcade machines can be. This is one of issues of Arcade that has already been pointed out by other people in other topics in Arcade Suggestions. The wowozela can stay as a joke item, both with it’s nature and price, but the price should still be lowered even if down to only 2 million tickets. I can understand why some people are frustrated with the debate around this issue, but I feel it’s important to consider that grinding for items in any video game can be enjoyable for some players, while not being enjoyable for others. The goal of the game should be to provide satisfaction and rewards from playing regardless of your play style. In the past, Tower was less developed and the difficulty of obtaining certain items was a result of this. I do believe however, that video games should ultimately aim to be a source of entertainment, not a source of stress or frustration. We should aim to strike a balance between challenge and enjoyment for all players when possible.

*In case if anyone would be asking, yes, ChatGPT did help me in writing this but this response is a result of human-modified AI output after having it generate me a response based on my initial thoughts. I tend to have trouble writing good responses like this at times, hence why I use ChatGPT as supportive tool at times such as is the case here.

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I’m unable to get the required amount to get the wowozela, and it’s way too expensive to get one. I’ve a lot of people who sacrificed their lives to get one of those, and eventually succeeded for the most part.

I wasted too many tickets to buy random stuff for my player model, and I lose my whole life just to get more tickets to get that wowozela. But 2.5 million tickets for a wowozela is a complete waste of time.

The Warp Zone is literally a big mess for players to earn millions of tickets and get that rare thing, and I must personally, yet famously say: Don’t buy it, it’s way too expensive.

In conclusion, I wasted my life for a Halloween wowozela during the most wonderful time in TU, and I’m staying away from that thing and the warp zone.

Imagine wasting time to get a Wowozela that does nothing but spam noises. Sucks to suck.

  • Sincerely, Spooky Wowozela Owners

The wowozela is a musical instrument, and a communication device. What is a microphone, but something to scream into?
Sincerely, proud wowozela owner

And how does that defend it’s price just for the sake of being a joke item? Guys, come on, let’s get down to Earth and not make this more of an unneccessary discussion than it already is. 34 people on this forum agree that it would be great to lower the price at least a little bit so this is clearly something that players want. This is getting ridicolous - Both defending the current price as well as lowering it. It feels like over time, this has become an argument, rather than a discussion with a conclusion/solution that can work for both sides.

34 players agree, no way of determining how many players say “actually nah” tho.

I am legitimately surprised this is getting traction again. Guys, it’s completely optional and not that bad to grind in the end. It has been made easier since most of the people (myself included) have gotten it. You don’t need to get in a certain time frame, or at all. There’s SO MANY achievements in this game that are like that. No one is crying for the 10000 steps achievement to be nerfed, or the royal flush (yes I’m still bitter) or the jumping, or whatever. They want they toy. It’s just a toy. Just grind for the toy ffs.

You don’t need to assign a fake intent behind being against this either. It’s just a damn noise making toy good gravy.