Lower Wowozela to 2 mil?

Honestly Wowozela is very pricey item and I know it’s good to have something for players to continue playing the game, but I feel like 2.5 mil would take a bit TOO long personally.

Like if I play Birde Feeder and get 500 tickets a minute (should be around 5 thousand games of perfect Birde Feeder score I think?) which is the one machine where I believe is the fastest at giving the highest consistant amount of tickets in a faster amount of time. (And I don’t even WANT to think about the other machines that give tickets from 20 to 300 tickets)

but it’d still take me around 80 hours to actually get enough for that item. That’s more time than Theater’s 33 hour to max milestone level, more than Casino’s 50 hour to max milestone level, more than Fishing’s 30-50 hour to max milestone level. And I’m willing to bet it’s longer than any gameworld max milestone.

I feel like removing at least 500k would help people actually want to go for it, seeing how this item will most certainly take longer than the actual milestone max level. and that it would be one hell of a grind as well and there is still other stuff people will want to get, unless that’s the first item they go for.

TL:DR Can we just shave off like 15 hours off this? it gonna take 80 hours with the fastest ticket machine already, and a good amount of the rest of the machines are luck based.

Honestly, i think it should be raised to 3 mill. It is a very cool and powerful item that rivals all other. The ultimate noise machine! do you know how annoying it will be when people get that? in my eyes its a god level item and should ACTUALLY take time to obtain. I’m fine with an item that you have to actually work for, something you don’t get in the first week and i think there should be more of those tier items that do the same.


based on your suggestion, i would rather propose to halve the price of tokens, ie. 50 units for 10 coins.


this is pretty much the same thing when you wanna grind so much EXP on specific gameworld but takes way too long if you’re either playing solo, friends or randoms.
you’re losing motivation and fun pretty fast.

but hey, like most people would say as usual:

“it’s fine for me”



There are also people who don’t dedicate their life for Tower Unite thou. I personally don’t feel any accomplishment to farm the best arcade machine for 100+ hours of playtime, just to make a le-funny-dood noise. Also, Confetti Gun is just as annoying as the Wowozela and that is like 200 units…

I get your point though, however, 2.5 mil is a tad too much.


Am I the only one who thinks that even 2 million is absurd? Keep in mind that this is a single reward. A reward that only costs this much due to its legacy in Garry’s Mod. The argument that it is “annoying” does not hold up when the game already has far more annoying and distracting equippables like firework launchers (which you will most likely earn before you are even done grinding for the Wowozela).

I understand that having some kind of high-tier reward keeps people playing for the Arcade but the amount of grinding required to even reach 2.5 million tickets is insane. Bump it down to 1 million, if not even less. Not everyone can invest hundreds of hours into a very specific part of Tower Unite.

And just as a side note… even if the Arcade currently has a lot of unique games, there is no way you will not get sick of them while you grind for the Wowozela. I can’t believe that this is what the developers really want. So please, I plead to you, stop introducing these absolutely horrible grinds.


I’m pretty sure the Wowozela is still considered a reward from Cosmic Catsacks. If I’m correct, this shouldn’t be looked at exclusively as an arcade reward (granted it currently is), but an alternative method of getting a cosmic catsack item. This gives you a chance to consistently work towards it if you don’t want to leave it up to luck.

I don’t mind the price. I already worked up 100k for a moped in the first night of Arcade. Wowozella will be a long term goal for me that will give Arcade a continued feeling of progress after I get all the cheaper items i want.

I get people don’t want to slave away for an item they want if they play more casually, but in the future I believe there will be multiple methods of acquiring this one. This is an eternal argument that will only grow once Cosmics actually give items.

I personally love the idea of prestigious items that are unique and less easy/quick to acquire.


Price is eh maybe 1 mil or less but expensive (don’t make it cheap) but I’m not that excited about it atm I’m more focused on other expensive items like vehicles

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And not only that, some people have jobs and actual lives, sure they wish they could play more, but getting 100+ hours when you only have a couple hours each day would literally take months, if not a year.

It’s an interesting item, and there needs to be an item for players who play 8+ hours a day, so I want to compromise by giving something to still grind for AND remove some hours so it’s at least managable for those who have to work in this dumb ass pandemic.


But heres the thing, I am using one of the most effective machine in the arcade, and it will still take 80+ hours. But what about the people who are using machines that give them 200 tickets or so? Those people would easily take 200+ hours for a legit beep beep horn. Don’t even talk about the first week, how the heck is someone with an actual life supposed to get that within the first 3 months? or 6? Heck even a year? that would take FOREVER. The only reason I found it even somewhat insane but managable is that the machine I found gives a high amount of tickets consistently within a fast amount of time, although it still takes skill.

I’m all for items that are difficult to get, cause it feels good when you achieve them and its such a rare item. But honestly 2.5 mil is extremely too lengthy for such an item. especially since you probably can max out every gameworld max milestone level AND plaza max milestone level before even getting the item. I would HAVE to say it should be 1.75 mil, but if thats too low AT LEAST take it down to 2 mil.


Don’t play hurt feeder, avalanche is 500 tickets every 24 seconds.

if you are good enough on basketballs, you should aim for super hoopers instead, which could get you 1.5k+ tickets in a single game: just 5 tokens per play.

This I very much agree with. It took me hours to even get up to 25K, I can’t even imagine grinding all the way to 500K, let alone 2.5M tickets! And I know you could get more if you do it right and for 80+ hours, but the game gets very laggy sometimes, I don’t exactly have the best reflexes, and I need to stabilize my sleep schedule for my planned return to college!

I’d personally bump it down as far as 500K, if not less, but I’d be willing to compromise at 1M tickets if I absolutely had to.


With Arcade Phase 2 out, I’d like to once again emphasize how absurdly high 2.5 million tickets is. Even with the newest, most profitable machine, it takes over 24 hours of playtime to get close to that.

Even if you do have all that time to spare for the grind, you will be sick of the Arcade by the end of it. Why does almost all of the good content in this game have such a horrible grind attached to it?


i’m not sure if i would like the price decreased… for those players who have grinded and obtained it (a la me) it would be a real kick in the chest

and like some others have stated, some games give you ridiculous payouts (especially the new phase 2 games, the coin pushers can net you thousands of tickets)


I am sure the developers have a way to compensate those players with tickets, or find some other solution.

I did mention the newest machines in my last post but even with the ridiculous payouts it still took me several hours of nonstop grinding to get up to 700,000 tickets. I do not have the time or energy to continue doing this 2-3 times over for a single reward.

This is insane to me. There are people with lives out here who would like to have a chance at completing the game’s content without having to dedicate literally all of their free time to it.


yeah but it’s kinda messed up you are forced to play the best games rather than just enjoying yourself to even have a chance at getting the wowozela. and this could either be poor payout balance or the absurdly high amount of tickets needed

and then imagine trying to get this before the higher payout games (when the thread was made initially)


Hey, alleged life-haver here. Have you considered like–splitting up your sessions? Instead of doing 700k in one day, only doing a fraction of that over a longer period of time? If you spent just 20 minutes a day grinding 25k tickets since your post in April of 2020 you’d almost be at 5 Wowozelas by now. Pacing yourself really helps with not hating the Arcade, or just about anything really. Also- wait for double ticket weekends to do big grind sessions like the one you mentioned. I get that it’s still a lot of playtime overall, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as soul-destroying as grinding it in 2-3 sessions.

I got one last August, so under 5 months with pacing, one of those months having classes wrapping up and finals for the Spring 2020 semester. During the May double ticket event I grinded another one within the span of a day on Avalanche, which was before it went crazy and started giving 1500+ tickets per game.

Also, since I never took part in this thread when it was new, I’ve got some things to say regarding earlier posts.

Earlier Post Stuff

Using the most effective machine, but not well it sounds. Birde Feeders shoulda been gettin’ ya 600 tickets, and it should not have been taking a minute. If someone’s taking that long for a game of Birde Feeders they gotta just do Avalanche instead, because the only benefit of Birde Feeders was that it could be done in less than 12 seconds. Even playing the slower Avalanche, it should only take you 35 hours of gameplay to get it back when this thread was made (or 28 if it still had the 20 second timer).

How does one manage this.


i think i got mine in about three days (with long sessions but nothing like staying up for 72 hours… i had plenty of breaks!) thanks to the offering

currently it pays out about 1.5k-2k tickets on average to me, but i’ve gone up to 3k in a game before

if you find the perfect spot where you can drop the ball into the center cup by pressing e and clicking its much less painful to grind for

i was just binging futurama in the background and mindlessly pressing e and clicking…


…It’s a toy that goes toot toot in different sounds, that’s it. I’ve sat around the center fountain area and toot tooted a few times since getting mine. People fly by. Stop. Look at me. And leave. That’s it. You don’t need it to complete TU content, it’s a cute item that isn’t really necessary. There are also FAR harder and grindier things to achieve if you’re thinking of “completing” the game (have fun getting a royal flush in poker with the odds being 1 in 30,940 hands).

Like others who got one last year, I would also be remised if they lowered the price. I did bird feeders at 650 a pop before, and that was at the time, pretty much the only option. Since then they’ve revamped a bunch of games to pay out as much or more. And now with phase 2, I was averaging at least 1k-2k per coin river game. It is absolutely easier to grind one out now than it was last year, so I’d argue that they did help out since the start of this post, asking them to still lower the price after all the additions and payout increases, is strange to me.