need help with fps anything would help. If developers are working on fps id like to know. If theres any way i can improve my gameplay please let me know.

They’re working on optimisation.

Hi, I moved this post to the “Questions” category, as I think you’re trying to ask how to improve your game’s fps/if the developers are working on optimizations.
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Here is MacDGuy’s response to optimization in Tower Unite (found here).

Here are posts that have been made on the topic of FPS/Optimization:


honestly this is a major downfall when making a game in UE4, it’s a pretty high demanding engine and it’s impressive that they have managed to get things to run so smoothly on low end hardware (even if it still lags like shit on shitty computers). I’m sure they will continue optimising the game better but expect it to take a while :frowning:

I like people who say shit pc but a gtx 1160ti and a ryzen 7 3750
It’s not a bad config then why I get 10-15 fps
Evryting on low 20?

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My experience has been that lowering the resolution in-game improved performance far more than one would reasonably expect.

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try joining an unpopulated plaza - it could be the amount of playermodels hogging your ram. workshop is one of the biggest slowdowns from what i’ve experienced.

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