Loud ringing in condo/plaza/minigames

every now and then this loud, high pitched ringing starts in-game
i’ve messed around with volume sliders and i think it was either the effect/media player slider that turned it off, but i don’t want to have to go without sound effects :frowning: it manages lowers the volume of discord if im in a voice chat and it’s SUPER annoying

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Are you referring to the minigame start noise?

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maybe? it happens everywhere pretty frequently

Can you supply a recording please?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9oy_9gi6aM hopefully this is okay, sorry if it doesn’t show up here :frowning: its much louder in game
if it doesn’t work i’ll try making another recording

I see what you mean, though I’ve never seen this before, does it happen everywhere?

yep, in my condo, in other people’s condos, in the plaza, minigames, everywhere

I’m not hearing it, it’s a high pitched noise right? I only hear the rain

I’m not sure how you couldn’t, unless it’s a frequency that certain people can’t hear? Also it’s not a ringing, more what you hear when you get really close to your TV? Just a static high pitched tone.

Might be limitations with headphones or something. I cranked all volume sliders to max and heard nothing.

It’s definitely something to do with the headphones with the way it comes in and them cuts out at the end of the video. Not sure exactly what though. I usually play with headphones so I don’t think I’d hear this if I weren’t listening on a cheap pair of earphones. This requires testing once I get back from my holiday.

I’m not using cheap headphones, not sure why I can’t hear it. I just tried on my phone and still don’t

It’s really hard to tell when you don’t have earphone in but with earphones/headphones it hurts

I turned my volume up all the way but I couldn’t hear anything.


for some reason it doesn’t pick up in any recordings, i’ve tried 5-6 times and it’s either very hard to hear or not present at all : (

Sounds like a driver issue. Is your Sound driver for your general audio device + the driver for the USB headphone up to date?

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iiii don’t know
i have my headphones plugged into my ps4 controller and i’ve tested it in multiple plugs, the ringing still happens in anything i try
it’s not in any other games except tu
i’m very poor with computers so i don’t really know how to check : (

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