Lost Silver Catsack

I got 6 silver catsacks so I can open them and get stuff from them. All of them worked except one. One just refused to open. I restarted my condo to see if it would open when I did that, however it just disappeared. I had a look at the ‘Find Items’ page to see if it was in a wall, but it wasn’t. I had a look in my inventory, but no silver catsacks were in there. Now I have lost 10k units on something that didn’t work. Is there any chance that I can get 10k units so that I can but it again, or if a silver catsack can be added to my inventory to replace the one that was lost?

What’s your Steam ID?


Usually when this happens, they actually do open but it bugs out in game.
You should have receive the item that was in it in your inventory when this happens, it doesn’t get placed on the ground like other items when this happens.


My steam ID is STEAM_0:1:46240483

I had a look and I didn’t find anything that could have been added. I will check for a third time though

i did the same with 50 and one didn’t open

It doesn’t seem like I gained anything from the lost catsack after the restart

Hey, I looked into your account and you did exchange all 6 of your silver catsacks.

Catsack 1 > Laser Projector
Catsack 2 > Gem
Catsack 3 > Piano
Catsack 4 > Eternally Burning Crab
Catsack 5 > TV Large
Catsack 6 > Bag of Units

I would look for those items.

Thanks for telling me what I was missing. I guess its not obvious about what I got due to the bug. Cheers!

macdguy be watching us all like