Lost most of my milestone, exp, stat. please help

When i checked my collection book i realize my fishing stat was reset so i check the other category everything has been reset too, all exp/milestone (except exp on plaza and fishing but stat still reset) has been set to 0 but all of my item and still in my inventory (wowozela, milestone items etc +unit)

 i asked my friend for a help so they posted on forum/discord (because i'm bad at english) 2-3 day ago but got no reply from developer. if i remember correctly i got 1.5m +exp on arcade, 20k+ on casino5 ,500k+ on trivia, 10k exp on bowling, 500k+ exp on laser tag , not sure on typing derpy , 200k+ on theater, 1m+ on minigame, almost 1m on condo ,100k+ on minigolf ,1m+ on lil crusader, 800k+ on virus ,1m+ on zombie mass also if you guys can restore all my stats please do

here my steam profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198192314021/

i didn't use anykind of macro/cheat but i got my drawing pen plugged all the time maybe that's the case?

  i love the game i really do, but seeing my progress has been reset and got no reply from dev really make sad

/sorry for my english/spam (cuz my friend already posted on forum) <3 /

here some of screenshot/evidence

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I went through and checked, according to the stats stored on Steam you weren’t missing any EXP. There are some rare cases where the game and Steam get desynced, so your stats won’t show up.

I’ve gone ahead and “refreshed” your stats by incrementing them by 1, so they should be up to date in the game again.


Thank you very much <3 , almost everything are now back now, except condo exp :c maybe because i play condo and gain exp recently? my condo exp are almost 1m not 5k but thank you very much for the help