Localization / Translation




We’ll use www.crowdin.com

Phase 1

[ul][li]Setup crowdin[/li][li]Port translation to crowdin and have people contribute[/li][/ul]

Phase 2

[ul][li]Implement translations[/li][/ul]


How far can you edit translations? Are they all text or are there variables in some strings?

Oh neat, maybe I’ll help with a Swedish translation if that would be useful.

Will there be ways to test translations beforehand? What about scaling? There’ll probably be cases where a translation might not fit into the same space where English would.

If you need people for Swedish or Finnish translation i’ll happilly volounteer

Happy to help with Polish as well as German. I’m a native speaker of both.

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I can be one of a russian translators if you need.

this thread just keeps coming back from the dead, doesn’t it?
Guys, just wait until devs get to setting up Crowdin, then you can volunteer all you want. Putting your offer down here doesn’t mean anything

I don’t think so. Those messages can show how much peoples interested about translating this game to other languages (maybe).


We have no issues if people bump threads to continue the conversation or show interest in the topic. It’s only when they bump the thread for a joke or an off-topic subject that we have issues.


will be and a greek tran?

Once this thing kicks off, I’ll be sure to help with my Portuguese and Spanish.

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Can help with polish :stuck_out_tongue:

I can translate for German if youre searching for a person :wink:

Hi! I can help with the french translation if you want :relaxed:

Hi, Guys. Another one for translation to german logs in. I’m not unfamiliar with translations from english to german. I worked as a free translator in a private forum for Star Trek Online, before STO was localized. I also translated english ingame-lines to german with PocApp-Studios, a swedish company which released Castle Cats for Android phones. Not alone, of course, always in a translation team. I hope, I can help you to spread word about your great game. not everyone in this world speaks, reads or simply understands english, so localized versions can help you guys to became bigger.

Your sincerely



If you ever need a danish translation

Hit me up bois

I speak fluent danish and can translate from english to danish very well! Would love to help :hugs:


I’m ready for a French translation. You’re lucky, I love doing this stuff.

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