Lobby One Community Condo


He’s referring to The Streamer, I think.


I’m fairly certain that The Streamer event mainly involved Massaki than it did the devs…



What could it be???


It did but it seems like that’s what he’s referring to. The devs were still somewhat involved though. I can’t really think of any other arg they’ve ever done.


100% agreed. I really like the excitement of not knowing what 39 is until it’s actually ready for release.


Yep, exactly.


The Streamer was all Massaki, not anyone else.


I feel like they should make some teaser videos and upload them to YouTube to give players more hype and maybe people could make their own theories.
If you don’t know what i’m talking about something like this.
Pixeltail Games started uploading random videos with stuff from Lobby 2 (this was around when GMtower was still around). Here’s one of them:

I feel like Pixeltail Games should do something like this.
EDIT: They did make more of these. They are on the Pixeltail Games channel


It’s lobby 3


Tower Unite 2


Theory: What if Project 39 was underground?

I found a cave by clipping through the lobby and it looks alot like it may be Project 39


pics or it didn’t happen


I think they’re talking about that normal hallway with a normal door that doesn’t look like anything to me.


Project 39 is Foohy: Live in Concert: Live


iOS 11 - Android 8.0 = 11-8 = 3
Project 3 9
9? Nine is UNKNOWN yet but it’s now confirmed that we’ll have TOWER UNITE for Nintendo Swi… I mean Android & iOS devices


I get that you’re joking but just in case someone comes along and thinks you’re serious, TU has already been confirmed to be PC exclusive.

EDIT: it would be fucking awesome to be able to play TU on the go, though.


[ul][li]“Zone 1 Blockout” has been checked off on the “Progress” checklist.[/li][/ul]


what… THE FUCK, is that supposed to mean!?? ZONE BLOCKOUTS???


A blockout is where they get the layout done. It’s basically the “dev texture” stage of everything, where the walls are physically there, but there’s no textures or art. It’s just the literal floors and walls.


Oh, well… thanks for explaining it, but also have a sarcastic thanks for ruining the joke of my post.