Lobby One Community Condo




if you don’t name the next list “The List 3 & Knuckles”, I’m gonna be seriously disappointed


[ul][li]Card’s description was updated.[/li][li]The checklist “The List” has been renamed to “Progress”.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]The checklist “The List 2: Electric Boogaloo” has been removed from the card.[/li][/ul]


Oh boy what is it!?


it’s project 39




39 ?
Let’s say the 3 is equal to three numbers and the 9 is equal to a specific year of the PixelTail Games devs. Basically it should be 200 and 9 so, 2009 wich is the year when GMT began for the first time.

Now this show us this trello card is nothing else but the Lobby 1 Map remastered. (Maybe called Lobby 3 if i was dreaming)
Now you know the thruth. :grin:


i love finding out the true thruth!

Silliness aside,
i believe you


That’s an insanely random conclusion to come to but it would be awesome, though.


Lobby 1 remake?


Looks like it. Maybe…


I think it is something totally different. Some thing that you will not expect. How do you look at Unie Tower content, then you will see that Pixelbite Games really like Japanese pop culture. “39” you can write as"san-kyu" (that sounds like “Thank You” for Japanese) or “mi-ku” (if you know who is this :wink: ). I think that will be something like popular event in Match 9 in Japan. I will leave you this to conclusion. :wink:


Project 39 is the new Club Penguin Agents Headquarters


i hope this is a lobby 1 remake. PLEASE SAY IT IS


You know, most devs on any type of game when implementing something secret or inconspicuous.

They usually give more rumors and pictures to start speculation and start some hype…

All of you devs have done to hype us is post “doesn’t look like anything to me” on all posts about it!

Now, i’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, and I am ignoring the fact that you have still made a lot of hype for it, even though you have never said any leaks or info. Nor am I trying to tell you how to develop your game.

I’m just saying that, I think the community, including me, would like mabye something more to swing at than “Doesn’t look like anything to me” :slight_smile:


But that’s boring


@Lifeless it MAY be boring for you guys, but it would make it a LOT more interesting for us.


Last time we had a cool ARG-like teaser it was cut short and the actual thing it was promoting got cancelled