Lobby 3 and Achievement/Milestones/EXP/Stats/Leaderboard Update (


Lobby 3 is here!

That’s right, Lobby 3 is finally here! This is the first phase of Lobby 3. That’s right, while we’re ready to release this phase of Lobby 3, there is much more detail and optimizations in the pipeline for future phases. This is by no means the final version of Lobby 3.

Faster Load Times

The Plaza has been created completely from scratch, which let us spend lots more time optimizing the models and materials, something that was difficult to do with the old Plaza.


Complete Redesigns

Including optimizations, the Plaza has been completely redesigned with a brand new layout, which helps brings all of our plaza activities to the forefront, while cutting down on wasted space.

New Pool Area

Lobby 3 introduces a brand new pool area, complete with a lazy river and the waterslides back from the GMT days.

Achievements & Milestones are here!


No longer will your accomplishments in Tower Unite be ignored, with achievements, you’ll get a shiny new badge when you perform amazing tasks. There are a total of 349 achievements so far!

Collection Book

The collection book allows you to see all your achievement, badge, milestone, and stat progress all in one convenient place.

EXP & Badges

Level up per game by earning EXP from playing the games or getting achievements. As you level up, you’ll earn badges which will display next to your name on the scoreboard for all to see. Each game has dozens of badges to unlock.



Once you level up, you’ll also be rewarded with milestone items. Milestones are items that are unique to each game and are highly interactive items such as an RC dragon from Little Crusaders or a drivable helicopter from Zombie Massacre. There’s over 70 unique milestones to earn.


In this update we’ve also added leaderboards. You can view the leaderboards in the Plaza, but also in the collection book. There’s quite a few for each game.


And if that’s not enough, we also track tons of various stats in the game now. You can see how many catsacks you’ve opened, how many steps you’ve taken, and tons more!

RC Cars and Boats!

Remote-controlled cars and boats are now available at the Toy Shop. We’ve also added an RC plane and an RC UFO. You can drive all the remote-controlled vehicles in both Plaza and Condos!

This is a Massive Update!

This is one of our largest updates to the game yet! Many of our backend services had to change to make this update possible. As such, please be aware there could be some bugs and some issues. So please report any issues and we’ll fix them as soon as possible! Thank you all!


  • New plaza - Lobby 3!
  • Completely redesigned all of the plaza
  • Optimized the plaza
  • Added achievements
  • Added milestones
  • Added EXP & badges
  • Added stats
  • Added leaderboards
  • Added an option to draw your legs in first person (experimental and still has some issues, but working for the most part)
  • Pool tubes now have unique poses while swimming in water
  • Added a new store, D.I.Y. which now has all the canvas and building blocks items
  • Added Camera item to Electronics store
  • Added upgrades menu to appearance, for when upgrades is available. Some milestones use this menu already
  • Implemented the internal upgrades system, stores are coming soon as we are still making upgrades

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.!

Weekly Dev Log for March 22nd, 2019

its finally here wooooo


This is a huge and incredible update that I’m very very happy about. But I don’t think anyone has mentioned that we got new fucking music in it and it’s such a banger




It’s Here!! :confetti_ball:


Where’s that hyped Kirby meme?




So um, about KORBY yeah he kinda exploded. He’s just gone I can’t find him anymore.


Poor Korby.


also rip Korby what a sad end to a truly epic saga

EDIT: holy frick the new Lobby is sexy


Lobby 3 is genuinely stunning. It feels like both a real place that could exist and a social game built for the new generation. As always, the developers have outdone themselves with this update.


Praise the MacDGuy
You and your team brought us a great lobby upgrade!
Also for the 3rd anniversary of Early Access what is planned?






aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lobbe’ 3 looks so good




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