Lobby 1 Suite (W.I.P)

In my condo i have remade the lobby 1 suite.
Here are some screenshots.


Looks awesome!

Gonna go ahead with a little self promotion and link you to one of my threads.

It might help you out a little. :slight_smile:

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if you made it with canvases of the hl2 textures it would be even better

When im done with the lay out i will replace them with canvases

Thank you this will help

I love the idea! keep it up :slight_smile:

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I know how VRAM consuming that is though
@AshGe’s condo has millions of canvases and all the textures appear low-res for me with my 2 GB VRAM graphics card.

I guess I’ll do some self promotion too. Collection of all original GmTower posters for use in Tower Unite

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nice, i hope the devs could have make some sort of wallpaper because i’m tired of loading canvasses

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