Lobby 1 Suite (and my history)

I’m going to be honest here, when I heard lobby 2 coming out with a “condo”, I felt a little sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love lobby 2, the condo and its layout, but let me explain…

#Why I joined Tower

2015, Gmod: 40 or so hours
I was playing Gmod and I was trying to find a good server, as I just got Counter-Strike Source (for its textures, etc.)
At the same time I was watching the Yogscast, and then I saw them play a server called Gmtower. In their series, they were having a design contest with the help of Mac. The players, the game worlds, the… suite. It all amused me. I then quickly joined.

2015, Lobby 1, Gmod: 150 or so hours
It has been about 2 months since I joined. I meet many nice people (and some guys that made fun of my squeaky voice), got tons of money, became a VIP, and became obsessed with my suite.

2015, Lobby 1, Gmod: 155 or so hours
A new map called Lobby 2 Beta was announced, and I immediately joined. It was fun. I really liked… but it didn’t feel like much of a tower. After going to check out the suite, I found out it looked different, and it was called a Condo.

2015, Lobby 2, Gmod: 250 or so hours
Gmt feels better. Lobby 2 released… my “Condo” is now pimped.
But I some what miss the suite…

2015, Lobby 2, Gmod: 270 or so hours
Tower Unite announced, Kickstarter fails, Indiegogo launches, I donated $10, I get beta access.

Computer breaks a week after getting Tower Unite (the very ironic and dramatic part)

Ah, here we are.

Anyway, sorry for posting my whole history, I didn’t mean to get into it that much. Anyway, If I had to pick, I would probably go with the suite instead of the condo. So, if by chance, I was wondering if some could make similar layout/build?


I’m waiting for the grand conclusion as you why you joined tower <3 hurry up bro D:

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Ta da

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I joined because of the asdfs in 2012

I just LOVED the randomness that GMod Tower was (and still is), I bought CS:S and HL2:EP2 just to play and joined immediately. I couldn’t stop playing, I want to thank everyone from Tower, devs and players, it gave me so many hours of fun and everything. I hope the community doesn’t change in Unite.

The first video I saw of Gmod Tower and the one that made me play it:

Edit: Also, I miss the suites. The condos are more detailed and preetty, but I spent so much time in my suite on lobby one that I think i’d prefer to have it instead of the condos. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the condos, it’s just the nostalgic feel that makes me want to stay with the suites)



won’t the TU condo be so customisable that you can make it look like the suites? i thought it was going to be sims-like with customization

And this is how I came across GMTower.

2012, Garry’s Mod approximately 500 hours: Was playing a ton on Sassilization’s gameservers and was browsing the forums as well. I have seen that thing named “GMod Tower” mentioned numerous times. I was wondering what that is and what all the hype around it was, so I checked it out, and was blown away by how awesome it was, but it was down at the time.

August 18th 2012, Garry’s Mod approximately 600 hours: GMod Tower 2 is launched and I join the server for the first time. I go around exploring a little bit and witnessing all the cool stuff it had to offer. (I have to say, the lighting and skybox of the Lobby 1 version at that time was awesome, I like it more than the last one.)

Rest of 2012, Garry’s Mod approximately 800 hours: I get addicted to Ball Race, get all the achievements and milestones for it, and get about 70K GMC.

September/October 2012, GMod Tower about 150 hours: Database is screwed up and I lose all my GMC after a game of UCH. I ask MacDGuy for assistance and he gives me the GMC back, but then I lose it again and it gets fixed again.

December 2012, GMod Tower about 200 hours: First time playing christmas themed Lobby. I buy snow balls, which I still have laying around in my vault to this day.
The Yogscast fan wave arrives and GMTower caught on fire.

October 2014, GMod Tower about 450 hours: I play the ghost hunting gamemode, and it was awesome.

February 2015, GMod Tower about 500 hours: Lobby 2 is released.

April 2015: Tower Unite is announced, Kickstarter campaign fails.

July 2015: IndieGoGo campaign started, it succeeds.

And now we’re here today. (I miss the old 2012 Lobby tbh, I loved the view on the mountains from my suite balcony)


Yeah, but I don’t know if you could make it straight from the editor. Or, maybe my expectations are to low (not in a bad way). I’ll just have to wait and see. :blush:

yup, i do have high expectations on how the customization will be

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MAN I love BedBananas. He was the reason I got into GMTower as well!