Your history for gmod tower before tower unite?

I’ll start

**November 2008**
It began while i was playing some gmod on my old account "TJG10", i was having a good time. But i first heard about gmod tower, i was curious of what it is. So i checked it out, & now. GMOD tower changed my life

**June 2009**
My "TJG10" account was hacked & deleted. Thanks to that stupid steam giveaway thing that lured me to it

**July 2009**
I created a new steam account, but i didnt have gmod sadly. So i couldn't play gmod tower :(

**December 2014**
My mon finally got me gmod again. & i was really happy to play gmt again

**January 2015**
I first heard of lobby 2. & i thought it looked way better than lobby 1

**May-November 2015**
I was REAAAAAAAAAAAAL inactive on gmod tower

**December 2015**
I came back gmt, & first heard of tower unite. I was curious if it's a name change to GMT. So i watched the trailer, saw the graphics. & now realized that it's a standalone gmod tower. I was really happy, but im not happy to be so late for the indiegogo campaign

~~~~~ PLANS ~~~~~

**April 7th to/or 8th 2016**
As i did to lobby 1, i will make my last moments to gmod tower & do group photos waving goodbye to all the places in gmt

What’s your history for gmod tower?


I actually made a thread recently about my history. :blush:
I’m to lazy to copy and paste the whole thing, so I just did the link:

My History:

Late 2012
I have been playing Gmod most of the year. At the time, Yogscast was popular, and I watched their main channel quite a bit. I saw their video on Gmod Tower, which lured me into looking into it. I did so, but had a bunch of errors accessing it, missing the map and such. I give up.

Early 2013
My interest in Gmod Tower is reinvigorated by something or other, and I preform my final push to get online. It works! I get on, buid my apartment, get a bunch of achievements, and I am blown away by how incredible and new it was. I made some friends, and I got my existing ones to join on with me, helping them through the troublesome installation. I play just about all year.

Early half of 2014
I play a bit, but start falling out. I stop playing for the rest of a while.

Late 2015
I am reinspired to play Gmod Tower, out of boredom and seeing it on the list of gamemodes in Gmod (which I have consistently played since 2011/2012) and decide to hop on. The loading screen with the new lobby shocked me and got me hyped up, where I cancelled the joining and decided to make sure I had all the content downloaded for a flawless first logon. I joined with mroe or less no errors, thankfully. Up to right now I have been playing, trying to get a bunch of money, achievements, memories, and most importantly, have a ton of fun.

Early 2016
I discover Tower Unite. A bittersweet feeling as I realize Gmod Tower is shutting down, being replaced by a new, bigger, and better game. I have had a bunch of fun and excitement watching the game get developed and tirelessly worked on, and I have not at all been dissapointed. I will be buying and playing this game on release day.

So, I guess, huge thanks to the whole dev team, from the past to now. They’ve done some incredible things and they will have my interest and business for years to come. Thank you, Pixeltail.


I wanted to do that, too!
Here it goes:

Around 2011
I got GMOD by a gift a subscriber gave to me because I couldn’t buy any game back then.

Start of 2012
I made some of my friends buy the game so we could play together, I got into some forums and got to know more about the game, the possibilties it gave, so I found about new gamemodes and addons

September 2012
I loved all the videos from BedBanana, Catbutts and everyone from the “asdfs”, so one day they made a video about GMOD Tower, I loved every second of it, I downloaded and got SO MANY ERRORS AND BUGS so I begged my parents for CS:S and HL2:EP2.

November 2012
I finally got to play it without any problems, it was the most fun i’ve had in a long time, I dragged all my friends to play, all of them liked it but it was not more than two weeks of playing, almost all of them stopped playing but I continued.

May 2013
After playing a lot, it was getting kinda repetitive and not that fun anymore, stopped playing for some time

Something 2014
I came back to it but playing just 10~15 hours a month.

2015 Idontrememberexactly
Found out about Lobby 2 and I loved it but it was laggy as fuck in my computer and none of my friends wanted to play, so I didn’t get to see much about Lobby 2.

April ~ May 2015
Found out about Tower United and I got SO excited to play it, it looked awesome and NOT LAGGY >> NOT << >> LAGGY <<. I wanted to donate to the kickstarter when it was up but I couldn’t because I live in Brazil and I have a card which was not accepted.

January ~ February 2016
I finally got a MUCH better computer and got a friend to come back playing GMT, in one month we got at least 50+ hours in it. Now I have 200~250 total hours.

January ~ Today
Every news I read about Tower Unite, me and my friend (Raise) are getting more and more excited to play it. GMT was probably one of the best things i’ve played in my life.

I want to thank all admins and players, you all are awesome people.

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Anyone else have history of your experience in GMT?

2014 Sometime early in the year:
I started playing after reading a guide on GMOD Tower about it, and I was curious about it so I said why not, installed all the pluggins and started playing.

Found out about Tower Unite.

Played all through that year, I’m obviously new to it but it’s been great.

GG M8s Der’s My Bakstori


In 2013, I remember when Source Karts first came out. I was really excited until I played 2 rounds and just never played it since. I guess my PC was too laggy at the time or the fact that the round started before I joined.

In 2015, I haven’t played GMT for 10 months until November when I found out about Tower Unite.

Today, I’m making Elevator: Source maps and about to develop Metal World from Ball Race.