Lobby 1 in TU

I think it would be a good idea to put Lobby 1 in Tower Unite as a lobby choice in server-making.

This has been suggested many times

This has already been suggested multiple times.

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Oh. But, how about Lobby 1&2 combined as a lobby choice? PEOPLE WOULD LOVE IT!


Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar to this, I love Lobby 2, but Lobby1 had that certain charm, I kind of liked the interior bits


Lobby 1 is an alright idea, aside from it would have to be wholly recreated, which isn’t a huge thing for the awesome devs to do. The only reason i think I’m not so keen on it is because it’s been suggested like 20 times. Rules of the suggestion section are to make sure you do a quick forum search and make sure it’s not been suggested before.

As much as I love the extra publicity for the tropical overgrown Lobby 1 ruins hidden on one of the islands, you are supposed to search before suggesting.

But really. Lobby 1 ruins. Overgrown. Make it happen Mac


I want an overgrown version aside from an original version of Lobby 1.

Also I want a lobby 1 condo. (This will most likely all happen after EA)

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