Boring (mining joke (funny))

I’ve been digging around Tower Unite’s files and I found a new map for the upcoming game world Late Night Salami Date, check it out!

Jokes aside, this is a mine-themed condo built around PVP. It’s very non-linear and vertical, and the screenshots alone probably don’t give a perfect idea of what the layout of the place is like.

Workshop Page:


  • Me: Made the condo
  • @vaporkin: Came up with the condo name
  • @Searith: Playtesting (found holes in the map)

Misc. Cave Areas

Lava Lake

  • Left: mineshafts, overgrown cave
  • Right: mineshafts 2, crystal cave


  • Back: lava lake
  • Left: crystal cave
  • Forward: construction


  • Mineshaft 1.5: overgrown cave
  • Launch Pad: outdoors

Mineshaft 1.5

  • Forward: overgrown cave
  • Back: Construction

Mineshaft 2

  • Back: overgrown cave
  • Forward: crystal cave
  • Right: lava lake

Overgrown Cave

Crystal Cave

Launch Pad Barely Visible Here: leads to Outdoors Coal & Housing


Birds-eye view

Forest: Accessed via Construction, Coal & Housing

  • Top Image Bridge: above overgrown caves (waterfall room)
  • Other Bridge: above construction
  • Launch Pad Near Building: coal & housing

Forest 1.5

  • Left: overgrown cave bridge

  • Left Mineshaft: coal & housing

Coal & Housing: Accessed via Crystal Cave, Forest, Forest 1.5

Left Hole: crystal cave

Launch Pad: forest

Right Bridge: above construction

  • Left Mineshaft: forest 1.5
  • Right Hole: crystal cave

Secret Cave


Nice. Looks awesome.

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best part are the crystals in the mine they look sick as hell


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Ahh! 1.5 year bump! Scary!

I’ve been working on a total overhaul of this map since the Casino: Phase 2 public beta. I uploaded it to the workshop in January, and since workshop map support is in development for SDNL now, I recently returned to it and have updated it many times throughout the past week. I think it’s finally in a state where I can consider it mostly complete, so please have a look with your eyes.

Workshop Link / Changes I’ve Made

You can check the map out at the workshop link here:

I’ve generously written out nearly everything I’ve updated since the original version, which you can check out in the change notes on Steam. Here’s the main highlights, though:

  • Nearly all items, sounds, and textures have been swapped out for better ones (weathered rocks → canvas boulders, canvas gems → ice crystals, etc).
    • thank you devs for adding so many of these things since
  • All wood structures in the map have been replaced with metal ones to keep a consistent theme throughout the map. All canvas props have been remade too.
  • The background cliffs have been updated, adding more foliage, some buildings, and a big crane atop them
  • This map now uses Condo IO! Mainly, each main area of the map has a sign that displays how many people are in the current area, and the spawn point selection room has been replaced by fully automated random spawns.



Central Lava Pit

Rainbow Crystal Cave

Overgrown Crystal Cave

Underground Construction Site

Construction Site Hole


Grassy area (now with decal paths!)

Hanging sheds

Looking into the lava pit

Crane (made with canvases!)

Background structures


I would’ve hidden these in a dropdown like the images, but they wouldn’t embed if I did.

Waterfall death hole

I/O: Player signs

I/O: Flickering Lights

I/O: Random Spawns

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