Live game world recording for suite televisions!

I think I heard from one of the streams that the suite servers are just instances of the lobby servers. If that is true, we could have live recordings of various game worlds, or perhaps laser tag and bumper cars and watch them on our televisions in our suites! It would be pretty rad to have various fly-by shots and overhead views of players murd… I mean having fun with each other in the various game worlds.

Also, between rounds -or when there is no game playing- there should be an ad showcasing one of the many stores/attractions located in the lobby.


I think this would be a great alternative for people who don’t use Youtube, (Like myself).

If you mean youtube for the televisions, then yes. I don’t use it myself. Feels kinda useless except for movies.

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So you’re saying like a Tower Unite Sports Channel on our very own television?

What an awesome idea.

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I’ve already suggested this here. As cool as it would be, the general verdict is that it is too unlikely and difficult to reasonably pull off.

As much as I would love this (and had the same question in regards to Cinema), it won’t happen. If Netflix gets word of the compatibility, then they could very well sue PixelTail. If you think about it, all you’d need is one person with a subscription to host a Netflix session and everybody else watch from there. Who really needs to have a sub then?

I agree that it’s farfetched, but a corporation will think otherwise.

I know, it’s just a dream.

I suggested something like this earlier in my random events thing. Would be cool to switch on your TV and watch a game of Slaughter day night live with announcers commentating on certain aspects of the match.

I know, that’s what inspired me to make this into a full thing.

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So let met get this straight.You wanted a 24 video channel about showing gameplay video of those game.I don’t think that could work. :confused:

Well, I’m saying each channel would be a game world. And if there is a game world currently being played on the server, that channel will show live footage of the game.

I think this would be great. A spectator mode built in to the TV. Kinda like GTAV’s CCTV.

Any of this would be awesome!

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Just for context of what I’m about to say, let me explain how (I think) servers and game worlds are handled in TU.

So you have a couple of friends on a community ranked server, and you’re all que’d up for ballrace, and you’re just waiting for that one last guy to come and sign up.

That server that you are on right now is held somewhere in a data center, running a dedicated server program to ensure the server is running 24/7 to hold players.

Then that one guy comes along after reading the chat spam and signs up, everyone decides on Skyworld, and you all have loaded in and are waiting for the game to start.

That world you’re in now is hosted by a player. It’s either you, one of your friends, or that guy who just joined in order to play.

When you have had your fun, you reconnect to the dedicated server you guys were on.

So why did I just explain that? Because if we’re gonna stream a game of ballrace in a condo, we’re going to have to listen to that player server somewhere at some time, and I’m not sure if that’s possible. Plus, another client would have to connect to the server to listen and that might lag things a bit.

That does clear it up. Thanks @Cakemagic. :smile: If they could implement this easily though, I think it’d be a nice addition.

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Or, you just have spectator slots open in the game and the tv broadcasts the spectator mode. Lots of games have spectator mode. GTAV does something similar.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. I think TF2 does the same thing for recording.

This makes me the idea that there should be a camera on the roller coaster that takes your avatar’s picture. Like the souvenir photo booths you see after you get off rides in real amusement parks. Except in Tower you won’t have to pay a ridiculous sum of money to get the photo.

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Then you should post a thread about it, because that idea is in no way relevant to this one.