Little suggestions i have

Well first thing i want to suggest is i want to be able to have like a housemate where they can be able to own the place to just now me and where they can place stuff down so it would be eaiser to do and i know few people would like that idea.

Next thing is i want a clothing store and i know most of the people want that in the game so alot of people isn’t using the default clothes that you can pick from.

And last thing is i want few more pets in the game like a pet duck or pet panda just few more pets.

sorry for ranting a bit just had few suggestions

Community Condos are on the way. They should allow multi user editing and dedicated servers for condos so they don’t require one person to be online.

They are working on an appearance store too from the sounds of it so I’m guessing they’ll add clothing to that.

I imagine they’ll add more pets over time but I’ll always support more. A could see a pet panda being very popular.


To reiterate on the clothing store, their focus currently is on Steam Workshop first, so the community can take over responsibility of that and free them up from that duty (for the time being). Phase 1 of workshop is custom items, then Phase 2 is player models.

If the game is soon going to be Anime Girl models running around the Plaza then i’m gonna be pissed.


I’m sure there will be options to disable automatically acquiring/viewing Workshop content, if for no other reason than to preserve bandwidth for those with slower internet connections.

They’ve said before that it’ll be opt-in. Basically, you need to whitelist workshop tags before they can appear in your game. By default, you’d see a lot of the basic player models unless you actually allow the anime models.