Little Crusaders Dragon Buff

I’ve been waiting months for Little Crusaders to be out of development and released onto live servers because I missed playing UCH, it was my favorite gamemode next to Ball Race in Gmod Tower.

But I’ve recently played a few games of it on release, and I have got to say, it is so underwhelming to play the Dragon, you are bound to lose every round if there is more than 5-6 Knights swarming you.

The Dragons bite doesn’t seem to be very accurate, the hitbox seems a little too small, and you have to be really up close and personal with every Knight to hit them, or it misses.

As for the Button on the Dragons back, it’s hitbox seems a bit too BIG now, compared to the old UCH. Now I’m not trying to compare the two games, I’m trying to give Little Crusaders a fresh start. But honestly, it sucks to play the Dragon, it’s nearly impossible to win in this current state right now (on release).


•Limit the # of players per game (I really don’t like the thought of this, since the more players, the more fun, but it’s extremely difficult and nearly impossible to do with more than 6-8 Knights running around).

•Increase the Hitbox of the Dragons bite a little to feel more reasonable so you can keep a little distance without having to go balls deep into the swarm of Knights to kill them, you can slowly pick them off one by one.

•Decrease the Hitbox of the Button on the Dragons back, right now it seems like anyone can easily walk up to the Dragon at no matter what angle, left click, and somehow manage to hit the button.

•Increase the amount you can jump, also it feels clanky jumping(flying) around as the Dragon, it’s very glitchy and what is it like three jumps is the max you can do? You cannot run away from a hoard of Knights with three small jumps.

(Other Suggestions may come up at a later date, these are just my initial thoughts)


Also, this is not me just being negative, I had a blast with the games I played of Little Crusaders, it has a lot of potential, but right now it’s not really fun for me because there isn’t really a challenge to it. Great job to the developers though!

git good

I mean it could very well be that, since the game was just released and no one has played it. But I still feel like the Dragon needs a tiny buff, thanks for the oh so constructive feedback though. :^)

I definitely agree with you. Too many people can just rush the dragon at once and beat him without them having a big chance.
Especially considering some people are really really good at the game and can get you instantly.


I agree with most of these suggestions, and I want to add some stuff:

• I think the dragon’s bite should have a tiny increase in range and maybe the degree of the bite (90 degrees), but primarily the range.

• The fact that knights can jump on the dragon and can stay on even when the dragon jumps and runs is too overpowered for the knights. The knights can stand in the middle of the dragon without being bitten, tail-swiped, and can press the button. Make the dragon’s hitbox taller so that knights have to jump off of a higher point in order to land on the dragon.

• The button is easy to press in a semicircle range (knights can hit the button from the side of the dragon). Limit the range to 90 degrees or less by modifying the dragon’s model to have the button be targeted primarily at the back and not necessarily from the direct top or sides, or like what has been suggested: decrease the button hitbox

That’s all I have to say for now.


Gotta agree with you.
13 out of 15 rounds, the dragon loses and can’t kill anyone.
It does need adjustment.

(I also love the gamemode, don’t get me wrong)

I don’t really think dragon needs a Buff
You are just nub at it

you mean everyone is noob then.
I played 6 matches and I was the only one that could win a round. It’s almost impossible. You can press the dragon’s button from under him.

I’m not saying everybody

I think the dragon’s bite should be nerfed actually. Also maybe lower the max player slots setting as 8 is enough to play a fair game. But really my only issues are the ratio of dragon to crusaders being unfair and the bite being very broken.

I haven’t played LC much since official release, mostly during the beta but from my own experience I thought the bite was too good. You have to bait players and then bite, not just run up to them and hope you can get easy kills which is the way I like it. If someone is on your back then you just whip your tail to get them off and follow up with a bite, and if it doesn’t whack them off then it means they are on your head which means a bite will kill them. Also swarming should be difficult to handle, otherwise how do you optimize the game for the dragon to handle crowds while still keeping it possible for the knight to win in 1vs1?

I genuinely can’t believe being able to jump on top of the dragon is a thing.

tailswipe is a thing

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if a crusader sprint crouch jumps over the dragon but the dragon bites. from the Crusader’s perspective they are on top of the dragon and in the process of being bitten.
since the bite is like a poison you click someone and they slow down and die as your bite animation plays.

but really, i today won as a dragon with like 10-11 knights

That’s very impressive! You must be great at baiting and swerving off Knights. :smile:

Although it was announced that they are reducing the amount of player slots for LC to 8 for update :smiley:

Here are some ideas that may work to balance out things:

1: Eating Birb punishes Crusaders by giving the Dragon a limited use flamethrower ability:
Mentioned this in my own idea thread for little Crusaders
Standing in fires on certain maps actually sets your Crusader Alight and triggers the ‘Spooked’ effect.
What if the Dragon got the ability to breathe controlled bursts of fire after eating Birb?

The duration of how long they can use it for could be 6 seconds, and the ability is locked for 0.5 (Ability continues for 0.5 seconds regardless of how long you have held down the button for), and can only be recharged by eating another Birb (To get the ability in the first place, you have to eat a birb, so the dragon doesn’t start with any breath charge)

Oh, and being able to aim it would be neat.

2: Tail whip effects people on top of the dragon
Simple enough, so people can’t essentially ride the dragon forever and taunt it.

3: Tail whip available during bite and roar animations. (Like the original UCH)
This is to force the Crusaders to be more strategic about how they approach the dragon, rather than trying to all charge at it at once hoping to overwhelm it after it has roared.

4: Roaring - 1.5X sprint duration and cooldown timer for Crusaders
This is simply a counter for both Crusaders who banzai charge towards the Dragon in swarms (No sprint left), and for dragons who try to catch Crusaders by spooking them (Currently, a roar almost negates any chance of the Crusader juking the Dragon and pressing the button. This meant a 100% chance of death if the Crusader was alone. This buff/nerf is intended to give Crusaders a chance to run away and get into an ambush position).

5: Dragon creates cracks in the ground when sprinting or landing
Also from my thread,
When a Dragon lands or is sprinting, it will create visible tracks + cracks in the ground that the Crusaders could use to hunt the Dragon down. Though the Dragon can walk or fly to avoid creating tracks for the Crusaders to follow, if it wants to set up an ambush

6: Crusaders all spawn in random areas (Nowhere that would be considered close to the Dragon)
This could allow the Crusaders to more easily flank the Dragon.

What do you think?

As someone with at least 200 hours in standalone UCH and probably 100 or so in gmod tower UCH, I’m pretty disappointed at how weak the dragon is.

  • Being able to tail whip while moving was the one of the only reasons the chimera couldn’t get extremely easily rushed down. Forcing the dragon to rely on roar to combat being surrounded is just dumb, to be frank. Roar is an inherently flawed ability. Good players just stay out of it’s range and don’t get affected. It doesn’t matter if you scare all the pigs if 2 good ones are out of it’s range, they’ll press your button while you try to kill the scared ones. And if you don’t try to kill the scared ones then you just run away until they aren’t stunned anymore and you start over. It encourages slow turtle-style gameplay for a more boring (for both teams) and less effective result than what tail whipping was. However, roar being bad doesn’t mean I think it should be removed. It’s a nice way for less skilled players to save themselves and stay alive longer. It shouldn’t be the dragon’s only somewhat reasonable method of avoiding being surrounded besides hiding in a doorway and running away the whole game.
  • I DO think the dragon should be less powerful than the chimera, as I would win as chimera 95% of the time on gmod tower, even with a full lobby. A good chimera was actually untouchable. Nerfing tail whip to the point where it’s just a free kill for the knights if you use it is not the way to do it, though. Tail whip right now is just stunning yourself so people can sprint behind you and kill you. The dragon currently has 0 good (conventional) options to avoid being surrounded, whereas the chimera had 2 (being the higher fly height and the versatile tail whip). I think leaving the low flying height and giving him back a usable tail whip would be a good middle ground.

TL;DR - Dragon is really weak, but shouldn’t be as strong as UCH chimera. The chimera was unstoppable in the right hands.

  • Roaring is inherently flawed as good players stay out of it’s range and deny your ability to do anything off of it to the scared knights, which just stalls the game. It encourages slow turtley gameplay that’s boring for both teams and less effective than previous options.
  • Current tail whip is a free kill for knights if you use it anywhere near them, because it stuns you long enough for them to surround you when you get out of it or even kill you if they’re fast enough.
  • In UCH the chimera had too many options to avoid being surrounded, he could fly really high to get completely out of situations and gain a new approach, and his tail whip was very effective if you utilized turning and sprinting properly. He currently flies far lower, so I’d suggest giving the dragon some tail whip effectiveness. One good option instead of 2. (or 0 in the current dragon’s case)

looking at it now, I believe the tailwhip should have more versatility