Little Crusaders Balancing Update



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  • Knights: Slightly less jump gravity
  • Dragon: Increased delay between bites
  • Dragon: Added delay when flapping
  • Dragon: Less air movement
  • Dragon: Slightly increased ground speed
  • Dragon: Added turn smoothing/delay to prevent being able to spin around immediately
  • Birb is now easier to pickup
  • Birb now throws further
  • Knights: When scared you will run the same speed as you sprint
  • Knights: Fixed crouching while getting scared not uncrouching you properly
  • Dragon: Updated HUD to make the tail whip stand out more
  • Knights: You can now sprint when your sprint bar is at 20% instead of at 100%
  • Dragon: Dragon now gets enraged when there is only one knight left
  • Knights: Roar no longer scares Knights if the Knight is behind walls or hiding behind objects
  • A new checklist named “Changes” has been added to the card.

here it comes

YES, I’m having high hopes for this because I used to play UCH so much back in the day and LC always felt like a slightly clunker version. I could never put my finger on it but something about the controls and balance just felt off.

Hope you consider adding a few additional tweaks that aren’t mentioned on this:

  • Reduce required players from 4 to 3 or 2, to make it easier to get public lobbies going. LC almost never has active lobbies compared to Ballrace or Minigolf.

  • Add visual fx for the dragons abilities. A ripple of a glow surrounding the bite/roar/tail whip hitbox helps teach players how close is close enough to utilize their abilities. (Still want something like this for virus.)

  • More of a bug report but I see “Dragon: Less air movement” listed. Can the dragons horrible acceleration being addressed? In UCH if you went from a sprint to flying you’d go flying which was amazing. In LC as soon as you flap your wings you lose all acceleration and just drop where you are. It just doesn’t feel good.

  • Better dragon selector? From what it feels like is it’s pure random, which means the same person can get dragon a ton during the whole game which happens alot more than you’d think.

The required players has always been 3, unless its 4 in the gameworld ports or smth

the game selects 1 unique player to be the dragon every round, and then when every player’s been selected once, then it selects everyone a second time


nah it’s 3 in the gameworld ports too


This might need a consistency patch.


Dragon: Added turn smoothing/delay to prevent being able to spin around immediately

Is this an always thing, or is it a just-after-biting thing? Cause if it’s an always thing it sounds like it’s gonna feel like garbage to play. Like it might be better balanced- maybe. But it sounds like it’s going to feel bad to use.

Dragon: Dragon now gets enraged when there is only one knight left

I don’t know what being enraged is going to do- but I feel like–at least in a 1v1–the dragon doesn’t need a buff seeing as it can pretty easily outrun knights and like- roar. I feel like it should be more of a there's only a minute left, Birb has already spawned, and there's more than X amount of knights remaining type thing, similar to Virus.

Knights: You can now sprint when your sprint bar is at 20% instead of at 100%

Are we supposed to currently only be able to sprint at 100%? Because we’ve totally been able to sprint with like- an itty bitty amount of the meter full for a while.

Little Crusaders: Double Dragon

I think double dragon could make an increase to the max players (or at least the option to go above a default of 8) viable. 12 player lobbies plz come back.



After (working on animations still though):


Does this have an affect on movement or is it mostly for the biting hitbox? Like if you’re in the middle of running and do a quick 180- are you gonna have to wait for the slow turn before you start moving in that direction?

You don’t have to wait to move.

So follow up question–is the camera staying the same and only the dragon is being changed? There was a thing for a few versions where if you turned too fast in a direction (like a full 360), lets say counter-clockwise, the camera would go clockwise instead because that was the fastest way to get where it needed to be, meaning if you were trying to do a scan of the surroundings–you just wouldn’t see them because it’d go counter-clockwise a little bit initially, but then go clockwise again to match up with the dragon.

So like- right now camera and dragon are locked together. You move the mouse and both the dragon and camera move at the same time. In the thing I was describing above it seemed like your mouse controlled the dragon and the camera followed. From the looks of it, it seems that your mouse is controlling the camera and the dragon follows, is that correct?

Nevermind- just saw the post in patron-only chat. Looks good. :+1:

Can it also be made where the dragon slants when walking up/down slops. It could look better and this can fix a problem in Throne Room with the big stars where when the dragon is going down if you crouch under his mouth on the stairs you wont get killed most of the time.

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Yeah, I can tackle that.

The turning looks like this now:

It’s currently like this in the game:


Just fixed this.

  • “Dragon: Added turn smoothing/delay to prevent being able to spin around immediately” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.