Libretro Emulator Problems/Help Thread

Hey everyone! First time posting.

I have recently come back to the game after a long break and have absolutely LOVED the Libretro emulator update. It has breathed new life into Tower Unite for me, setting up my home arcade with all the cabinets and all the artwork. However, I have been running into a few issues with some games that I just cannot figure out.

For example, no matter how many different ROMs or versions of Cruis’n USA I try out, I cannot ever steer in the game. I’ve changed the settings inside of the emulator itself using F1 and F2, I’ve used an Xbox 360 controller, I’ve done the calibration in the game itself. None of it works. Arcadeitalia lists Cruis’n USA as good. Does anyone know a way to get steering into the game? All other controls work.

Another example would be any of the Metal Slug games. Every ROM I’ve tried of any of the Metal Slug games run into the screen where some files are missing.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you all in advance!

You’ll need to use a romset that is compatible with Final Burn Neo (November 2022).