Legacy Donor Items

I donated to GMT back in the day, years ago and I was wondering if I could get the special items still. I am able to provide proof if you need it, I’m sure you all have an automatic system in place to give those items based on steam id but I deleted my Garry’s mod account about a year back. Honestly I totally understand if you all don’t do this anymore but I’m getting really in to tower unite and would love to show off my gmt stuff. If you need to contact me directly you can do that here, on discord at StrawberrySlime#0001 or over email. Thank you for reading.

They don’t transfer stuff from one steam account to another.


I will leave this up just to get confirmation on this but I appreciate your response. Do you have a link to some guidelines I could look at for the legacy donor stuff? I looked but couldn’t find any.

If you linked your GMT account to Tower Unite, you would get the items. The developers stated many times that you aren’t able to transfer your GMTower account from one account to another. This also includes the backer items if you backed the game on Indiegogo.


Here’s Caboose saying it like a thousand times. lol

Search results for ‘allow transfers’ - PixelTail Games - Creators of Tower Unite!

Thank you for the responses! Sorry for being redundant I’m totally okay with this.