Leaderboards, Daily, Weekly quest, Level and Mastery

Hey guys, I just discovered this game and I really enjoy it.

There is so much potential but I think there is a lack of content, replayability.

Would you consider to add for each games levels, you will gain a certain amount of XP everytime you gain Units. There will be unlimited level but much harder everytime you level up and you could give at players some uniques cosmetics and items for each 5 or 10 level in the game.

In top of that, add learderboards for each games too,(daily, weekly, global) for showing the players that gained the most xp, most playtime, most kills etc …

Daily and Weekly quest for each games that will reward you with Units and XP, maybe add more rewards to the games that are not popular.

You could add a global level account too, which is call Mastery levels. More difficult to level up this time but more rewarding, like adding a Units multiplier each 5 or 10 level which grant you everytime a little bonus like this :

Mastery 0 : x1.00 units
Mastery 5 : x1.05 units
Mastery 10 : x1.10 units

(these bonuses are only applicable with mini games when you gain Units, not casino)

etc … and some exclusive items while achieving higher levels too.

I think this would be a very good features for this game, much more addictive :slight_smile:

What do you think about this guys ?

I want to say that leaderboards are planned, but I don’t actually know that. However, stats definitely are planned. Levels technically will be added, but not as a general thing but more as a per-minigame thing. They’ll be called badges, and the next update will contain a button for them (though they aren’t ready yet, it’s just pre-planning the layout for when they are implemented).

Quests/Challenges have been discussed before and opinions have been fairly mixed, but the general feeling is that it would be better to leave them out (the game is about doing what you want to do, not what the game arbitrarily wants you to do).

The idea of getting a higher unit bonus for higher levels is interesting, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. It rewards playing the same thing over and over, and TU is about having a bunch of equally viable options.Besides, being good at a particular game will already give you more units than most others because you will tend to perform better. A few rewards for achieving certain milestones is fine, but more permanent bonuses should probably be left out.

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Thanks for the answer Arkive :slight_smile:

The quest / challenges would be purely optional you know, at some point, there will be obviously some games that will be mostly empty and I think it’s good to not forget all of the games with giving them more rewards for repopulate them a bit, but I hope there will be enough players for all of them :slight_smile:
I like having some quest and stuff to do, it will not tell at players what to do, but just giving a particular objective to do in the specific game.

About the Unit multiplier bonus, I was not talking about playing a game specifically, the units multiplier bonus would be rewarded with the “Global level account”, you will gain the same amount of XP as mini games but the leveling phase will be much longer for the global level account, so it’s not about playing only one game, you can play all games that you want because when you gain XP, it transfer automatically into the global account level too.

Example of leveling with mini games (random numbers) :
0 --> 1 (500 xp required)
1 --> 2 (1000 xp required)
2 --> 3 (2000 xp required)
3 --> 4 (3000 xp required)
4 --> 5 (5000 xp required)

Example of leveling with global account (random numbers but coherent with my example) :
0 --> 1 (2500 xp required)
1 --> 2 (5000 xp required)
2 --> 3 (8000 xp required)
3 --> 4 (10 000 xp required)
4 --> 5 (15 000 xp required)

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