Leaderboard Priority

When I first started this game I noticed the leaderboards in different areas have matching scores. I could be wrong about some working differently than others. But particularly in golf, if someone gets a matching score, then it is sorted by alphabetical order and amount of letters/numbers/ symbols in a name.
Particularly I imagine that this being the case and for example if around 2 or more people get the highest score on a particular map, that any one of those people could just change their name to start with the letter A and stay as #1.

Ultimately I think it’s way more fair that the first person to ever get the highest score on any leaderboard should remain higher than all the previous matching entries.

Pretty sure it’s based on Steam ID and not username, which in most cases means the older Steam account gets priority

Perhaps. Either way I still think the first person to get the highest score should remain as number one if someone else gets a matching score.

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