Large Condo Files Fail to Load?

When creating condos with only a few items [1-3k], I often find that these condos do not load. While the item count is relatively low, these saves are very large [100-300mb] due to the sheer amount of I/O connections [>100k] contained within. This seems to be a very niche issue as I’ve seen no information regarding this topic on both the forums and the wiki.

As to why I’m encountering such an issue, here’s an example of a file that was small enough to load. [1k Items, 75k connections, 63mb]

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dude do I/O take up so much memory for real??

IO doesn’t take up much RAM at all.

What’s happening here is how it’s being serialized. Serialization of each connection and its settings needs to be compressed still. You can see this by compressing a condo dat file and see how it goes from 100MB to like 20KB.

In the next update we made changes to how inventory loads in and optimized where we can. I’d wait to see how it is on that update.


disk memory is what I was talking about. I’d think if you use minimal compact way of serialization then one I/O record shouldn’t exceed one kilobyte?

While a lot of the settings in a connection could be inferred by the object name, it seems like the only extra space used is a single blank UUID per connection.

oh yeah, json serialization.
Maybe it would solve the memory problem greatly if it is done in raw byte data

The JSON serialization is for the purpose of demonstration and human readability, to see what the condo files actually look like, open up a file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[UserID]\394690\remote\Condos and load the contents into a hex editor!

I can get it. I’m just concerned about the issue OP is bringing up - how it ends up taking up hundreds of MEGAbytes (while being just little input data?) and, more importantly, failing to load

To be clear, it was never a crash or hangup when loading. Whenever a file was “too big”, I would just load into a empty condo.

While I have optimized the amount of connections by not repeating the same color twice in a row, each frame in this [16x12] video should only be about 576 bytes. On the games end, this seems to take up somewhere around 80kb, which is almost a 150x expansion.

apologies, fixed to “not loading”.
But generally speaking I don’t feel like that’s a big difference, since you technically lose that save forever; fortunate if you did backups with less connections.
And that seems like a pretty critical to fix problem.
At the very least developers should set a hard limit on connections amount in condo; though best case scenario would probably be figuring what even causes the fail to load itself

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This still occurs after update [].