Lag on steam library

When you click on the game on the stream library the page lags and it’s unbearable to scroll and it’s only the tower unite library page and it uses a lot of CPU

Not sure how much of this is something that the Tower Unite developers can control as I also get this in the library page for Team Fortress 2. I can get both TF2 and TU can cause Steam to hit 22% CPU usage just by scrolling, so this is more of a Steam issue with the library overhaul in 2019 than it is something specific to Tower Unite. If you click “Steam” in the top right of the window and go to “Settings”, then to “Library” you can toggle “Low Performance Mode” which usually fixes the lag for most people. Can also try selecting “Disable Community Content” which might prevent it from loading a bunch of extra, non-essential stuff like Workshop and guides. Not sure about that though.

The joys of Chromium-based programs. :slight_smile: