Karaoke & Winter Holidays 2020 (

Winter Holidays are here!

It’s that time out of the year to bring out the cheer and good times. Holiday Coins are back and can be earned by playing any of the games in Tower! Santa Claws is back in town.

The Winter Plaza is now here just in time for the festivities.

KARAOKE rooms are now open!

The nightclub now has private karaoke rooms you can rent out and sing songs with your friends. Show your friends your singing talent, or just relax and listen to tunes in an upscale modern private room. All rooms come with a fully featured bar!

We also improved the voice chat quality significantly so you won’t miss out on your friends’ wonderful voice cracking and off pitch singing! (also added voice wall muffling so you can run away from them)

Billiards is now available in the Arcade

We’ve added a new billiards room to the Arcade. These modern billiards tables allow you to earn tickets while playing! Play with a friend or challenge yourself.

New Snowball Battle Minigame

This year we have enhanced the previous snowball minigame. It now has a completely new arena and gameplay.

New Anti-Harassment Player Fade System

Now when you are playing games, player models (no matter what size) will fade out when clipping with your camera. This will prevent other players from distracting with you HUGE models while you’re playing games.

Stability Improvements

We’ve tackled crashes and optimized more of the game in this update.


  • Start of Holiday/Winter Events 2020
  • Winter Plaza 2020
  • Added Karaoke Rooms to the Nightclub
  • Completely redid Snowball Battle gameplay
  • Plaza: Brand new Snowball Battle Arena
  • Added Anti-Harassment Player Fade System
  • Arcade: New Billiards room
  • Arcade: Added Billiards (earns you tickets instead of units)
  • Nightclub: The minibar in the billiards room now serves drinks as well
  • Nightclub: Increased scroll bar width of the media queue
  • Added report button to media items that aren’t currently playing but are on the queue
  • Optimized Plaza screens (map boards and game port screens), increasing FPS on GPU end
  • Optimized Arcade (reduced overdraw and other LOD improvements)
  • Optimized Plaza (reduced render overdraw and CPU usage for collision)
  • Added Streamer quick settings for streamers
  • Plaza: Removed the windows in the Tower Lobby, giving it a more open-air tropical feel (just in time for the cold winter storm to blast inside)
  • Little Crusaders: Added Mystic Grove achievements
  • Added a label on how many drinks/bites are left on food items
  • Media volume slider now hides if you open the bottom inventory
  • Text hat text will no longer display if you have chat disabled
  • Added new music to Kalleria’s store
  • Updated graphics scalability settings: Setting shadows to low now uses very cheap low detailed shadows instead of incorrectly having no shadows render at all. Other shadow settings now have a steady progression in quality per setting.
  • Updated graphics scalability settings: Low effects settings no longer cause odd visuals in the game (materials were being set to be completely metallic).
  • Reverted Viewself (right click) back to what it was before, no longer rotates the camera when ending viewself
  • Improved the Throwable Snowball item
  • Added voice chat occlusion. Now when players are behind walls their voice chat will be quieted/more muted
  • Improved voice chat quality by increasing sample rate from 11kHz to 32kHz (it’s quite a difference!)
  • Reorganized/simplified gameplay settings as it’s a bit overwhelming. Added an “advanced settings” toggle button. Made the settings titles more visually noticeable
  • Updated pause menu to support the new help/tutorial menu
  • Added a camera mode (F5 key) that toggles off all HUD elements and name tags for all games
  • Chat, achievements, voice chat, EXP, FPS counter, and more now hide when in camera mode (camera item or new F5 mode)

Bug Fixes

  • Billiards: Fixed balls sometimes not pocketing properly
  • Billiards: Fixed balls sometimes going off the table
  • Billiards: Fixed an exploit
  • Mystic Grove: Fixed the sword sometimes not restoring
  • Mystic Grove: Better night vision for Dragon
  • Fixed Knight milestone not being able to do taunts
  • Fixed a serious hole where players could get stuck in sunrise isles track 1. Specifically, the middle of the fork where the path splits into two bridges.
  • Fixed the ambient nightclub sound coming from the nightclub doors in the casino from doubling up
  • Nightclub: Doubled stream buffer size to help with visualizer not loading songs or stopping halfway for some users
  • Condo: Fixed the active item slot index not being copied by the copycat tool
  • Condo: Fixed undoing changing the item alignment slot on an item not working
  • Fixed audio driver issue for AMD users hopefully resolving long standing issue where voice chat being on would cause stutters/audio failures
  • Fixed a bug where opening the collection book in the pause menu would end the tab you are currently on until you switch back to that tab again
  • Plaza: Fixed condo NPC not letting you select which condo you’d like to host
  • Various crash fixes for workshop
  • Fixed a crash related to workshop thumbnails

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Are there any new holiday themed items this year? Any fixes/changes for the Christmas Light strings, and string items in general?

These are coming in a following update.



Awesome. Everything else looks really good, excited to check out the new snowball battle arena :slight_smile:

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Cool. Will there be holiday xp/milestones also?


It’s fun, but the VC delay kinda ruins the experience.

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Everyone inside the tower lobby:


I see myself earning a lot more tickets in the future

everyone outside aswell

Checking back on this comment. It is a maybe?

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