Just how much different furniture will there be in the final game?

Genuinely curious. Also will it all be obtained via shops or will there be achievement and special event based furniture as well?

According to their Trello roadmap, they’re working on 54 pieces of furniture. Who knows how you’ll get them. Questions like these can’t be answered properly this early in development :confused:

I would expect we would get a similar number to what we have now in GMTower, at least when early access launches in march, but as @BlameTheCows says, it really is too early to tell at this point how they will be obtained, though I think it would be pretty cool to have some furniture rewards that can only be obtained by completing condo milestones or something like that.

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with this. TU is its own standalone game with its own engine, funding, and staff. I can assume there will be much more furniture than what’s available in GMT even at release.

Could be wrong, but doubt it.

Trello is the most up to date and accurate full list for early access furniture. As for after that, we have a lot more on our internal list.