Condo Milestones

So we got milestones included in all the gameworlds, that give you rewards if completed. Admired from a comment from Just how much different furniture will there be in the final game? , Condos should have milestones. Why? Well, there are tons of goals that are possible, such as having a certain amount of furniture owned, and have tons of people at your party. But, why not make those goals achievements? Since you get rewards from completing milestones, I could see some really unique items, mostly rare furniture, or maybe even unlockable rooms.

Whatcha think?


I’d be in favor of this!
I like the idea of earning unique/rare items/furniture for the condos, but the unlockable rooms part seems like it would be a lot of work for the team.

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I’m not sure how many viable achievements could be created based on condos alone, but I’d be interested to see what achievements might be created. I’d certainly be up for something like “Decorate your condo with at least one of every item from the X set (such as a holiday or theme).” I wonder what other achievements could be thought up…

I think that it would be cool to unlock special furniture from milestones, but since PixelTail has said that the condos are going to be more customizable I suggest that there be “unlockable condo layouts” rather than “unlockable rooms,” such as the exclusive legacy donor condo layout thing that mac has confirmed.

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I do like this idea, but I think the condo achievements should be a bit more difficult to ensure that the items rewarded are actually rare.

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I really like this idea! I plan on spending a lot of my time decorating my condo, and playing games to earn credits to buy more stuff for my condo and make it look really badass, it would be cool to have achievements that aren’t easy to get to have rare items to spruce up my condo and give my time and effort some real worth besides aesthetics!

Bumping this topic as I just recently thought about milestone trophies for achieving hard-to-do things (such as all hole in ones’ on a certain course).

It could be tiered as well I guess (example for golf: bronze trophy for all pars or under on a certain course, silver trophy for all birdies or under on a certain course, gold trophy for all eagles and under on a certain course, and platinum trophy for all hole in ones on a certain course).

These trophies could be placed in your condo to show off your golfing skill or ball race speedrunning, for instance.

additionally, unique condo items rewarded for doing certain things (just like in GMT) would be nice to bring into TU. I know it has been confirmed that they will be coming back, but having unique obtainable items for every gameworlds (and maybe other minigames) would be cool…


So… Basically my suggestion?

But this was made almost a year before your suggestion.


I was talking to spanospy, he revised the threads suggestion to something like mine, and I was just pointing it out