Item Suggestions Megathread


Flag pole


Here’s a few FX suggestions and some other stuff:

Put some fire in your Condo.

Make it rain in a specific spot.

Make it snow in a specific spot.

Make a waterfall in your condo.

Toy Room Model
A model of Toy Room to put in your condo.
LC Milestone

Birb Pet
A pet Birb to follow you wherever you go.
LC Milestone

Egon Cannon
Shoot lasers at anyone you want.
ZM Milestone

Rollercoaster Cart
Sit on this rollercoaster cart. Doesn’t actually move.
Plaza Milestone

RC Bumper Car
Woo, bumper cars!
Bumper Cars Milestone

RC Race Kart
Race wherever you go.
Accelerate Milestone

Firework Poppers
Throw these on the floor to prank people and make cool noises.

Tank Firework
A miniature tank that shoots fireworks.

Firework Sword
Wield fire in your hands.

Throw these streamers around and make a mess.

Christmas Crackers
Crack this open to get a cheap toy, a fake paper crown and a bad joke.

A ball to hit with a bat.
Physics, Colorable

I think it talks.
Fishing Item

Cash Crab
A crab made entirely out of money.
Fishing Item

Sea Sponge
It’s ready.
Fishing Item

Why’s there a squirrel underwater?
Fishing Item

A piece of coral to put in an aquarium.
Fishing Item

Why’s there a pineapple in the ocean?
Fishing Item

A smooth rock, would be a good house.
Fishing Item

Moyai Statue
Makes for a great house.
Fishing Item

Crab Pot
Guaranteed to catch crabs.
Fishing Bait

Garden Gnome
Gnome your friends with this sweet garden gnome.

EDIT: a thing I forgot which may or may not be the reason I made this post in the first place

Star Lights
Put these star-shaped disco lights in your home to make a party.


Working(?) Crane and Tower Unite shipping containers.


I hope the developers add these to a list of some sort, I would love to see all of them in the game.


How about a custom sound FX emitter?

It may accept links to Soundcloud, YouTube, and/or a direct link to an MP3, WAV, etc.



Isopod Plushie and as a Fishing Creature.


Sand piles with and without sea shells for beach and construction sites in condos .


Simmon drums with gated reverb sounds.


Egg - Ingredient - (not in stores/special) - Fishing

Who Left this egg in the ocean? could it be a fish egg? who knows.


theres already an item ingame called “Egg”.


There’s also a mysterious egg fishing item on TU’s item list:


but i mean like that’s a animal egg. it even says in the game that it’s not fit for human consumption
its also like 5 times bigger than a normal egg.


More eggs please.


Wait until Easter, if there is an event for it. :]


Dancing Cactus