Item Suggestions Megathread


An item that lets you loop videos/music in desired areas
e.g if i wanted to play crazy frog axel f to anyone who enters the sky in my default condo


would love to see curtains, colorable and have different bodygroups

the windows needs some style aswell…


Even More ideas:

Elementary Schoolbag

Uhh… Present Teacher.

Public Telephone Backpack

Ringing with enthusiasm.

The battery is included on you.

Mining Helmet
Mining bitcoins.

Sure it’s heavy.

Radio Operator
We need Catsack reinforcements.

Bum Bag

Walking in the 80s.

Defragmenting Hat

Something is happening to the Matrix…

Hat and mask ideas

Drink Can Multipacks, 2L Drinks, Canvas Drink Bottles, Canvas drink Cans.


I need a sticky hand arcade prize.


After about ten swings you have to get a new one since yours is now covered in hair and doesn’t stick to anything.


arcade milestone item: infinite sticky hand that grapples the user towards the hit place (has long range obviously)


physics canvas so i can make this bad boy


Nature stuff yo
Water fall strips. Basically semi 3d things that look like water falls.
Mist. Clouds of mist
Nature sound emitters. Water splashing, pouring, dropping and some forest sounds like crickets and birds.
Just more plants please
Also more rocks, and maybe some logs?


A Pogo Stick


Arcade prize suggestions:


Party light


Unit Counter, the displays shows the amount of units the player who presses E has:


Original design skin for the LC dragon, either as a milestone or a purchasable upgrade.


I don’t know if anyone suggested it before, but:

Country Flag (Canvas) - Show off the flag of the country you’re from, or another country or whatever…

I miss when Lobby 2 had all the flags of the world in the main entrance, I hope Lobby 3 brings it back!


We already have canvas flags.



I think he meant a more traditional flag.


Oh yeah! I love the original idea of a wind-up key on his back. Would definitely try for this if it were a milestone.


I guess in addition to that maybe different helmets for the knights would be cool. As I think they only have one helmet rn. (Yes i do know that the helmets are their heads)



Plastic and Steel Barrels



Because Germans