Item Suggestions Megathread


Cutting Board


Detective hat


duck cap


Noticed this has somewhat been recommended already but in different variations, but some sort of speed potion for those who didn’t back on kickstarter, won’t be as fast of course so its more fair for backers but a speed potion in general would just be useful for getting to places faster.


Right now the magic trampoline is a great alternative (especially when using the tiny potion), but I do agree that proper speed shoes/potion/etc. are far overdue.


Yeah I’ve been using the trampoline also to get around, the speed potion would also allow another fast way of travel so not everyone would be using the trampoline and spamming it. Would probably be far less server intensive too. Since it would just increase your speed rather than having to spawn in the trampoline, particles, animation, etc.

Or if they just wanna add in the UFO from planet panic as a drive-able vehicle that would work for me too :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: lol


As a backer, I won’t care if non-backers will get access to being fast as fucc boiiii


Thanks! Yeah I could careless and for fairness, would prefer backers to be the fastest as fucc, but a little speed increase potion for us non backers would be great :smiley:


how about the virus adrealine item (maybe even as a milestone again)


Pandora’s sack


I was building a zen garden and thought of a few things that would be great as outdoor items. Specifically, ones that produce sound and ambiance.

Shishi Odoshi:
A water-powered Japanese device made to frighten away animals. Fills with water, then empties itself automatically. Makes a satisfying “clonk” sound while doing so.


Wind Chimes:
Adds pleasant background noise to any deck or patio! Optionally, changing the wind slider in the weather menu could affect the harshness of the sound.


For halloween
just a piano made of bones that uses the sassy skeletons typing noise


YES YES AND YES PLEASE please do this


If we are recommending some Halloween stuff, a little flying witch on a broom would be a great little pet to replace the ghosts we got last year.


Technically this isnt a item sugestion but, if possible id love holiday items that would not look out of place in a general setting, males itu more useful for condos

EDIT : for example on Halloween add some vials, it would be on theme (right next to a cauldron) but looks generic enough to be added elsewhere (or in this case elsewhen)


an item that gives the ability to make an ocean on smooth dirt ( im making a retro island condo)


Maybe a condo option that can choose if it will be water or land!


Please don’t forget about these suggestions dev.


what if you could have a door furniture item that would take you to a gameworld
menu automatically


There’s no need to over-complicate.