Item Suggestions Megathread


only dr,phil


I’m really hoping for some floor rocks (or whatever you call them).


Ya that looks really nice, I imagine them in japanese styled condos


Maybe playable chess or another simple game like checkers or chinese checkers or moncola maybe jacks?


A grass skirt and lei for a skeleton luau


How about a Little Crusaders Dragon doll?


please check with search at top right to see if things have already been posted

but yeah would be cool to have toys of ingame things


Gaylien that would take hours to find if he searched doll, sometimes ive said thing people have already have said but i searched. Dont jump to conclusion and assume he didnt search


It’s the second thing down when you search “dragon”, it’s not that hard to find.


Bear plush with overalls that you can edit a name onto!


This would be a cool thing to see :smiley:


It’s based off my Joshua bear doll that I have had since I was born


Or a catsack plushy!
i call it.
you could make it and place it in your condo, or take it around.


How about stickers or graffiti that can be used in the plaza temporarily, or in your condo as long as you want


Laserpointer filters that make images at the end of them


Hamburger Hat



Celebrations store item: Firework Bundle!

Based on:

Price: 9,000 Units
Description: Comes with 10 of every firework available in the Celebrations shop!

The price is normally 9,150 units if you’re going to buy 10 of each separately, so it’d be nice to just round it slightly down to 9,000 while allowing people to buy more fireworks more conveniently.


I remember buying those back in the day, kinda spendy, but they usually come with a lot of decent fireworks. Good times.


An item similar to the iMac from GMod Tower (not exactly the iMac because of copyright) with its own OS. It was my favorite item in GMTower and I hope it sees some sort of revival in Tower Unite.