Item Suggestions Megathread


New idea:
Nostalgia [Insert cosmetic here] : Essentially would tone down the quality of the game (Basically old quake mode) when equipped, sorta like the Nostalgia Badge you can get in a certain game about hats and time


drawing board that you can draw on.


replica of lobby 2


We need Lobby 2 trophies like the GMT players got for Lobby 1, lmao.
(assuming they move to a new lobby design)


An idea:

Nightmare Snail
This snail was born and raised in the depths of Shell.


oh my god yes


Hey!, That’s MY idea!




i had a very abstract dream about there being donuts in tower unite so there should be donuts in tower imo


A Mini Fridge so we can have more than one choice of fridges
(EDIT: changed picture to a better one)


Multiple kinds of media case canvases would be nice. I have a few thicker multi-CD cases, some old big-box PS1 games, and tons of jewel cases, so it’d be cool to have some canvases to represent those.

Some ideas:

(honestly I just hope we can get canvas materials in the workshop so I can just do this myself)


Some item suggestions:

This is what happens when you leave crumbs on the floor.

Not the bees!

I hope you’ve got a GP-7.
FX, Colorable

Tower Model
A tiny tower to put on your shelf.

Leave it alone and it’ll be two times larger next year.
Halloween 20XX

Great for cutting down trees.

Nasty Axe
I’m sure that’s just tomatoes.
Halloween 20XX

Make the air your canvas.
Equippable, Colorable

Dead Tree
This used to have leaves, but now it’s just a bunch of sticks.
Halloween 20XX

Dead Palm Tree
The opposite of a vacation.
Halloween 20XX

Nightmare Catsack
This horrifying feline contains your worst fears.
Redeemable, Halloween 20XX

Much better than those boring, brown moths.

Wall-Mounted Fish Trophy
Celebrate your best catch by making it sing to you.
Media Player

Bee Hive
A great supplier of wax, honey, and movies.


Wall-Mounted Fish Trophy
Celebrate your best catch by making it sing to you.
Media Player

you enter a condo with 50 players. Once you finally load in you round the corner to see every player, sitting on the floor staring at a mounted fish on a blank wall, its the only thing in the condo. Without breaking eyesight a player whispers to you “turn on the fish” so you do. you sneak up, click the on button and it flexes towards you, opens it’s mouth and it speaks. “According to all known laws
of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly”


[Insert a funny description]
FX, Colorable


You would not believe your eyes.”?


yeah see i thought that
but i think it’s too easy


VIP Basket

It would be exactly like the one from GMOD Tower, however it would cost somewhere around 100,000.

Would work perfectly with the vomiting effects that are being added!


Not sure if you know, but certain people got the vip basket (just not useable) as a thank you gift, either backers or donators but i’m not sure who.
Making it useable will be unfair to people who don’t have the item altough pretty cool, even though the patch notes will be confusing.


A solution could be to just make a new bottomless alcohol item and then keep the VIP Basket item exclusive for aesthetics then


yeah make a bottomless item and also make the vip basket bottomless as well :^) then it’s fair
i mean you’re gonna do something similar to speed shoes as well
shoes that make you run fast but don’t look cool